UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw (2007-08): It’s Going to Be Tough for Serie A Teams…

UEFA Champions League

The draw for the 1st knockout round (Round of 16) of the UEFA Champions League took place at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland, today at 12:00 CET (a preview of the draw here). Italian teams didn’t get very lucky, and picked what probably were the toughest opponents of the lot.

I’ll make a more elaborate analysis later in the day, but for now here are the draw results.


2007/08 UEFA Champions League
Round of 16
to be played 19/20 February & 4/5 March


Olympique Lyonnais
Man Utd
Man Utd
Schalke 04
FC Porto
Inter Milan
Inter Milan
AS Roma
Real Madrid
Real Madrid
AC Milan
AC Milan
Sevilla FC


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  • 19 Responses to “UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw (2007-08): It’s Going to Be Tough for Serie A Teams…”

    1. Ben says:

      Worst possible draw for United.
      Chelsea got lucky.
      Liverpool should do Inter.
      Pick of the games is Arsenal v AC.

    2. fuzzy_red_devil says:

      I would say Arsenal has the worst possible draw.
      Lyon should be manageable for us.
      Chelsea got lucky .. really lucky.

    3. Celtic Vs Barcelona
      Celtic would have to really work hard to overcome the likes of messi and eto’o and ronaldinho.They would have to really do well at Celtic Park to have any chance as I don’t see them doing well at Nou Camp.Finally,a breeze through for Catalan giants.

      Lyon vs Manchester United
      Now this is a toughie and would be a fascinating tie.I don’t think Manchester United supporters or players can downplay the french team in my view.It may look like an easy tie for them but I think there is more to it.In the end,Manchester United have too much class and skill to overcome Lyon.

      Schalke vs Porto
      This may not involve the big heavyweights of european football but you cannot undermine the 2004 Champions league winners Porto’s strength and the ability to outdo even the toughest opposition.I see Porto going through.

      Liverpool vs Inter Milan
      Another toughie.Liverpool are a bit rotten now with losses in the league and Carling Cup but I somehow think that liverpool just get more blood running in their veins and more confidence blowing when its in the Champions league (read as 8-0 vs Besiktas).Inter are gonna be a tough fight as they always do in Europe.In the end,I think liverpool will be too dominating and attack as a side against the defense minded Italians.

      AS Roma vs Real Madrid
      Since am a Madrid Fan I would say that they’ll go through(which they would even if i were to be unbiased!).Madrid are playing the cool game that they used to at the time of Vicente Del Bosque.AS Roma are gonna eat dust!

      Arsenal vs AC Milan
      This is undoubtedly the best and the most mouth watering tie of this stage.I would not like to predict the outcome of this as am unsure and can’t even actually guess whose going to be better of the two.I do think that whoever wins it will be by a marginal gap.

      Olympiakos vs Chelsea
      A breezethrough for chelsea.

      Fenerbahce vs Sevilla
      Again the spanish side are going to be too big a task to overcome the turks.
      Thats it for my comments and views on the draw.

    4. Ben says:

      Yes, Fuzzy. Arsenal got the worst draw. I meant that of the possibilities open to United, Lyon was the worst.

    5. fuzzy_red_devil says:

      I agree with that .. Lyon was the team(out of those five) that one wouldn’t want to face .. but the bottom line is that you will have to play the good teams at some moment .. Fenerbahce would have been fun .. esp for a Mr. Wayne Rooney :)

    6. emilio calleja says:

      a tough draw for the premier league clubs except for chelsea. but if sir alex wins in france with a big scoreline then the home leg will do good for the youngsters(evans, pique and co), if they play just the same as they did against as roma then they’ll gain confidence in themselves and it will be an ego booster for the youngsters.

      cant see celtic go through,
      neither can i see arsenal in the quater finals.
      if benitez scraps the rotation policy liverpool should pass. remember inter are only italian champions just because juventus and ac milan could not win it last year.
      only english teams ‘guranteed’ a place in the quarters are man utd and chelsea.

      so we can kiss goodbye the prospect of an all english semi final/final!!!!!!!!

    7. emilio calleja says:

      from all sides the red devils are the most promising to win the ucl in my opinion. if they dont win it this year they surely will dominate in the years to come, we have so much talent and yet we still are not at 100%. ronaldo is still improving, nani is giving giggs a run for his money, rooney and tevez are two of the best attackers in the world, anderson is the next ronaldinho, rio and vidic are the best defence in the world.

    8. .::Egyptian Gooner::. says:

      Holy Shit !!! Well, to be the best you got to beat the best. I think it will be amazing, Flamini v Gattuso, Kaka v Cesc, Hleb v Seedorf !!!

    9. @emilio calleja
      football is an unpredictable game my friend.Remember croatia defeated england on english soil even when almost all of us thought that they can at least get a draw!

    10. iqnadirshah says:

      Right on, egyptian gooner. It’ll be a good test for us. Just hope our squad wont be depleted too much by injury by then. I think we can take them.

    11. Dash says:

      Milan vs Arsenal … just waiting to see who teaches whom how to play technical football :) Frankly, I would give Milan a slight edge over the gooners

      ManU got damned unlucky … they got the toughest team from the possible candidates. Lyon will be a handful especially Benzema and Ben Arfa.

      Inter should put ‘pool out provided they get some of their injured midfielders back …

      Chelsea just got their prayers answered :(

    12. Manager says:

      Chelsea should go through

      Arse and Liverpool are very tough ties with both playing their 2nd legs away from home.

      Man United have a tricky tie, but Lyon are not the force of old this year.

    13. Primachenko says:

      emilio calleja,

      i have to disagree with you. man u is not “guaranteed” anything. lyon will be tough and man u will have to be on top of their game to get to the quarters.

    14. Andrei says:

      6 top seeds will go through. Though one for Man Utd, I always said that Lyon is a tough team, but those poor Gunners… out in the round of 16 again? Liverpool should manage Inter – who are generally poor in the CL.

    15. MangoSoup says:

      Emilio…inter didn’t win the CL last year simply b/c juventus wasnt there and AC had a point reduction. They dominated the league and they are doing the same this year. No one is going to catch them. If they could turn that domestic form to europe i think they’re the team to beat along with Man Utd.

      Inter > Liverpool
      Man Utd > Lyon (toughest draw for Man Utd, but will still roll)
      Chelsea > Olympiakos (one question…will Essien/Drogba be out for african nation cup during this tie?)
      Arsenal > AC Milan (very interesting tie but assuming a healthy arsenal i don’t think AC can stop them)
      Schalke > Porto (i have a soft spot for the germans, prolly not the wisest prediction tho)
      Fenerbahce > Sevilla (whoever wins this tie will have the other 7 sides drooling to face them in quarters)
      Real Madrid > Roma (really good tie, should be down to the wire)

    16. Joseph Groff says:

      I think the Arsenal have a very good chance and Andrei and Dash should be cautious giving the edge to Milan. Granted, we all know the strength of AC Milan’s history in the competition, but they are certainly not this year’s front runners. I mean they beat both Benfica and Celtic by only one goal at home. Drew and lost to those teams away. And beat up on a Ukrainian team. And they are having their worst Serie A years in recent memory. Their only chance to be in this competition next year may be to win it again this year.

      They still have plenty of quality, but their age is starting to show. They will not be merely a road bump for Arsenal.

      Arsenal put together the same Group stage record to reach 13 points. But they are flying high in the Premier League and their only loss in the CL was at Sevilla with a second string lineup.

      We could easily see a flare up of immaturity that will cost the Arsenal, but I think current first string form has to favor the boys from the English suburb of France.

    17. kyle says:

      i disagree that lfc are going to get beat against inter i think it will be tough but i think liverpool will win at anfield and get a draw at the san siro

    18. kyle says:

      lyon>man u and i think arsenal>ac milan

    19. kyle says:

      i agree with you “primachenko” man u will have to be on the top of there game and also you can never be guarenteed a place in the next round even if your playing a confrence side