Sometimes, “Duck & Cover” Just Isn’t Enough…

Duck & Cover, Fallout

When liberty returns, I will return.
Victor Hugo

And so… we return.

Dear mCalcio readers, it has been a rather sad couple of months. As you can see, the latest post before this one is dated 13 April 2009, for it has been more than 60 days that has been absent from the general public. At first, the homepage subsisted, waiting for an igniting spark of inspiration from its creator. Indeed, it was lack of imagination and motivation which first drove me away from sports blogging, the banality of its routine having substituted itself for the original excitement fuelling my desire to write.

Quite simply dear readers, I had become tired of it. It had become “work”, but work which you do because you’re obligated, not because you take pleasure in it. At some point I realized: “wait a minute! I’m not really obligated at all”. And so I decided to take a break.

Then, events outside of my control (akin to a nuclear explosion, hence the post image) further prolonged this break.

MS Windows Evil Edition

In early May, was taken offline by my hosting company (those of you wondering what that “suspended” page was all about, this was it). I will not bore you with too much of the details, but suffice it to say they (who will remain nameless, although you can Google search “blue canadian hosting” and see if you get a hint) decided to screw me over. After repeat occurrences of an incident quoted to me as “CPU abuse” (apparently a script on my site was causing to overload their servers) my account was suspended permanently. Instead of helping me solve the problem, they tried to sell me a dedicated server for an obscene monthly fee, an offer which I had neither the intention nor the financial means to accept.

After repeatedly getting jerked around between the billing & tech departments, receiving cryptic one-line emails to make even the most patient man in the world blow a gasket, I had enough. I wrote a long letter to the head of the company telling him what I thought of their customer care program, and moved to a different host. Hopefully a better one (although given how low the bar has been set, my expectations are fairly optimistic).

In any case mCalcio is back now, hopefully for good. To all those who patiently waited for this moment I can only say one thing, and that is:


Your fidelity is very important to me, particularly in the moments where I lack inspiration: the journey through the wonderful world of soccer (Serie A especially) is one I’d like to share and continue to to keep sharing with you.

There will be some changes over the near future, particularly pertaining to our article format and blog design. I am hoping for a major overhaul of the site in the next month, which I think after two years of existence is long overdue. All these changes will be for the better I hope, but when the moment comes you can judge for yourselves. ;)

So stay tuned, and… a warm welcome back to mCalcio!


For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.
Leonardo da Vinci

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  • 8 Responses to “Sometimes, “Duck & Cover” Just Isn’t Enough…”

    1. alessio says:

      Great to have you back, Marco!

    2. Serja says:

      Well that was a needed return if there ever was one! I was getting worried! :mrgreen:

      Welcome back Marco!!

    3. Cannoniere10 says:

      Good to see you’ve triumphed (or rather escaped) from the evils of hosting corporations! Welcome back!

    4. Ryan80 says:

      Welcome back dude!!

    5. Pep says:

      Welcome back Marco…Soory for all the stress..


    6. Zissi says:

      hooray!!! :mrgreen: glad all your problems are sorted out marco. i really missed your articles this past few months.

      welcome back!

    7. RK9 says:

      Wow two months? :shock: I was starting to get worried! And so many things happened while you were away Marco!!

      For instance how did you stomach yet another Inter scudetto? :P :mrgreen:

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