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Soccerlens, Football News You Can Trust

My writing horizons are broadening: starting very soon this month, you will be able to find a regular feature by yours truly on the blog. I’ve written a couple of articles already, which can be found here.

Soccerlens is quite a big shot in the football (soccer) blogging world: with an Alexa ranking of 35,000 in the last 6 months, a Technorati of 13,560 (authority 307), and over 1,000 subscribers by RSS feed, the site created by Ahmed Bilal is rapidly becoming a reference. Having focused on the English Premiership league for some time now, Soccerlens is now trying to grow and attract more readers by expanding its coverage to the Italian Serie A and the Spanish Liga. Needless to say that my task, will be of course to provide you with the latest juicy stuff from the Italian league. :mrgreen: Don’t worry though, as I’ll still be writing regularly on the mCalcio blog as well.

For a site description of Soccerlens, perhaps it’s best I leave the word to Ahmed himself:

Soccerlens is a site written for football-crazy fans by a bunch of very serious football fans (where serious is defined as ‘I’ll break yo head if you diss my club‘ and ‘we live, breathe, sleep football‘ serious). We’re not in the business of providing recycled trash – after all, you have the tabloids and other ‘blogs’ for that.

Our business is passion, and with that comes a responsibility to dispense with the bullshit and present the bare truth to our readers.

If you are half as crazy about football as we are, and if you are willing to balance your love for the club with reason and intelligent analysis, we would love to hear from you.

To that “we would love to hear from you” effect, Ahmed has just launched a writing competition:

Soccerlens writerIf you think you’re better than the journalist / blogger hacks you force yourself to read everyday (…) and if you’re interested in making a career out of writing about football, this is your best shot.

(…) Our panel of bloggers / judges will evaluate all published entries and pick a winner in the 3rd week of October, with the winner receiving (amongst a $100 cash prize and a free football shirt from Subside Sports) a paid contract to write on Soccerlens and / or full network support (1 million+ pageviews per month) in launching and promoting your own football blog.

You can find full details on the contest and contest rules here.

Oh and by the way, a certain Marco Pantanella is on that judge panel too… so if you intend to participate, you know where to send your bribes. :mrgreen:

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