Soccerlens 2007 Awards – mCalcio Nominated for ‘Best Serie A Blog’

Soccerlens 2007 Awards - Best Serie A BlogAhmed over at Soccerlens (you know, the site I regularly feature on) had a great idea this month and launched the first official Soccerlens 2007 Awards, rewarding the best soccer blogs on the internet. 

For each category, the choice has been narrowed down to 6 candidates and I’m proud to report that has been nominated for ‘Best Serie A Blog’.

WHO gets to vote? YOU DO!! The readers! Here’s your chance to reward mCalcio (i.e. me :D ) for all the quality articles you’ve been enjoying these past few months! Ok ok enough tooting my own horn, but your support would be very much appreciated. :mrgreen:

Voting ends in five days on February 17, so what are you waiting for?  :wink:


Full Soccerlens Awards categories:

  • Best Overall Blog
  • Best EPL Blog
  • Best Serie A Blog
  • Best La Liga Blog
  • Best MLS Blog
  • Best Blog Design
  • Best Blog You’ve Never Heard Of
  • Best Blog Name
  • Best Football Podcast
  • Best Blog Community
  • Best Blogger
  • Best Womens’ Football Blog
  • Best Mainstream Media Blog
  • Best New Blog

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  • 7 Responses to “Soccerlens 2007 Awards – mCalcio Nominated for ‘Best Serie A Blog’”

    1. joejoejoe says:

      I love your blog. I learn a lot about Serie A and more. Thank you for your work!

    2. Thanks for your support Joe! :wink:

    3. Ali says:

      just voted…best of luck bro!

    4. Michelle says:

      congrats on the nomination! you’ve got my vote :) good luck

    5. Omar says:

      Marco I voted for your blog and only recently checked it out….Keep up the good work buddy….

    6. Danny says:

      Good job marco. Looking forward to reading your soccer column on bbc in a few years ;)

      Cheers (from the french alps)

    7. Serja says:

      Great work dude, keep it up. Even though I can’t log on as often, still enjoying those awesome (and lengthy :P ) match reports. Quality stuff!