Soccer “Four Nations” Tournament 2009: An Idea for France, Italy, Spain, and Germany (and maybe England)…

You know the Rugby Six nations Championship? The one involving the England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales rugby national teams and taking place every year?

Well, the French Football Federation (FFF) and Club France 2010 (the management company taking care of all things Les Bleus till the 2010 World Cup) have had this crazy idea: why not do the same thing for soccer? And make it a regular occurrence?

Enter the Four Nations Soccer tournament, featuring France, Spain, Italy, and Germany (and potentially England as well).

It’s not the first time France has had this sort of initiative: remember the Tournoi de France back in 1997? Held shortly before the France 98 World Cup, this 4-Team tournament reunited France, England, Brazil and Italy for some very good footy showdowns. It’s in this tournament that Roberto Carlos scored his famous insane-bending free-kick.

Anyways, “there isn’t a concrete project as of yet, just an ideasays FFF president Jean-Pierre Escalettes. “But it would perfect to exploit the free period between June 6 and 10, as all of these 4 nations have no international fixtures during that time” he added. “It’s such a shame that the big European nations face each other so rarely. If we can change that we should. The tournament could then be transformed into a regular fixture, to take place in France (or another European country) every year or ever two years“.

For Spain and Italy, who will be involved in the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 from June 14 to 18, this would also be a perfect opportunity to get some pre-tournament training/test-matches…

What do you think? Good idea? Or do we already have too many soccer tournaments lying around?

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  • 8 Responses to “Soccer “Four Nations” Tournament 2009: An Idea for France, Italy, Spain, and Germany (and maybe England)…”

    1. Milanista Doc says:

      Tournoi de France of 97 was actually really fun to watch. The Brazil-Italy game which ended 3-3 was just sick! And yeah, that R.Carlos goal will remain in soccer legend forever.

      With that said, adding yet another international fixture for clubs to complain about (look at what happened for the 2008 Olympics, and all those Messi, Diego etc. veto-affairs) is just asking for trouble. Will this “Four Nations” tournament appear on official FIFA calendars? Will the main starting 11 for each team be there? If not, what’s the interest for the public?

      I’m already not very interested into the Confederations Cup as it is, so….

    2. Ishar says:

      Good idea, but to do this without England would be stupidity incarnated.

    3. C_Span says:

      I’d make it a “Six Nations” to include England and Holland as well.

    4. Selem says:

      Too much soccer too much soccer too much soccer too much soccer!!!!!!! Just how many games do you think players can take before going nuts?

      I mean damn, with the Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup etc. etc. not to mention international friendlies and WC qualifiers, we’re also adding bogus tournaments like this one? This is exactly like Blatter’s suggestion of holding the World Cup every two years: the WC is fun because it’s a (relatively) rare event. Banalizing it is not the solution.

      Stupid stupid stupid.

    5. F-60 says:

      Meh. U sure it’s the FFF that had this idea, and not the ‘genius’ of Mr. Sepp Blatter? :roll:

    6. JohnnyG says:

      Personally I would like nothing more than more internat’l footy matches in our calendars, but like Selem said this would banalizing the tournaments we already have.

      The Rugby Six Nations Championship works because rugby players aren’t so overwhelmed by their season schedules. Football, that’s another thing…

    7. Ryan80 says:

      Just how “real” is this? I know it’s still a “project” but will it actually be done? Looks like wishful thinking to me… the club teams will never go for it (in letting their players go I mean).

    8. Carlo18 says:

      Mmmhh… do the French want to lose again that badly?