Of Former Portuguese Glories: Figo Headed to MLS, Rui Costa to the Hall of Fame

Luìs Figo & Manuel Rui Costa during a practice session with Portugal

The Luís Figo-to-MLS rumours have been increasing these past few months. The 2001 Ballon d’Or winner had been saying in the Italian press that “before settling down in Madrid for good” [as a retired player] he would have liked to live an American experience, especially for his three daughters’s benefit.

Well, according to Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã, Figo has found a deal with AEG (i.e. Anschutz Entertainment Group), a big sports management and marketing agency whose clients include, among others, the LA Galaxy, Chicago Fire, and Houston Dynamo. In other words if the Correio information is accurate, the soon-to-be-ex Inter player (his contract expires at the end of the 2007-08 season) is headed towards one of these 3 teams.

Figo’s new two-year deal is rumoured to be around €7m-a-year, which wouldn’t rule him out of Los Angeles (the Galaxy could potentially still have one remaining Designated Player (DP) spot available… since each team is allowed one DP spot, but teams can trade their spot to other teams, and a team can have a maximum of 2 DPs… and yeah if anyone reading this is completely lost, that’s normal), but it would make the transfer somewhat morally questionable, since LA would then have 3 players exceeding the salary cap: Figo, David Beckham, and Landon Donovan (who isn’t considered a DP though, see Wiki article).

Meanwhile, another Serie A legend (not that Figo had much time to become a legend at Inter) will reportedly be hanging his football boots at the end of the current season. Ex-Fiorentina and AC Milan playmaker Manuel Rui Costa (now in full force at his former club Benfica) has just released an interview with Portuguese sports newspaper Record, in which he announced his imminent retirement.

I have always said over the years, that when time would come for me to retire I would be doing so wearing the Benfica jersey. I am proud to have succeeded in that goal. I am very happy with my achievements in the world of soccer, and to have demonstrated to have been a good professional“. However, Benfica fans of Rui shouldn’t despair because he’s sticking around: “I still need to feel the smell of the changing rooms, I’d fancy the role of Benfica sports director. No rush though, there’s still 4 months left in the season“.

One last big challenge for Rui perhaps? :)


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  • 7 Responses to “Of Former Portuguese Glories: Figo Headed to MLS, Rui Costa to the Hall of Fame”

    1. Martha says:

      I could be wrong, but my understanding is that Sporting Director is the sort of job Rui Costa wants, but that he’s not got anything beyond the end of his contract. I assume Benfica will offer him a chance to stay around in some capacity, but I don’t think it’s at all official.

    2. MLSer says:

      AEG sold Chicago Fire last year and is in the process of selling Houston.

      By the way, some nice MLS fan videos here:

    3. Martha, that’s why Rui said he’d fancy the role. :)

      As with any player who made the history of the club, I’m sure Benfica will offer him some kind of position when he retires. If he mentioned the Sporting director role, perhaps he’s already had a talk with the powers in charge. On perhaps he’s just sending a hint…

      MLSer that’s interesting, so I guess that excludes Chicago Fire as a possible destination for Figo…

      By the way, nice vids. I liked the 2nd one especially (MLS Tifo) but I was disappointed that they didn’t include some more footage of Dwayne De Rosario, my favorite MLS player. God knows he’s scored some wicked goals over the years…

    4. Martha says:

      Hey, you’re the one who said “he’s sticking around,” Marco! Getting people all excited over nothing. :smile:

    5. Well like you said Martha, they’re bound to offer him some kind of position, so yeah he’s definitely sticking around. :razz:

    6. Allen says:

      As pointed out, AEG sold Chicago. But that leads to the other point –> LA & Houston are not their clients. They own those franchises in the MLS. They are in the process of selling Houston.

    7. Afet says:

      hi! I love Figo. :oops: :oops: :oops: