Nike & Fernando Torres team up for ‘The Perfect Kick’

Fernando Torres in ‘The Perfect Kick - The Volley’I’ve been browsing some of the recent Nikefootball videos, and I’ve come across a few of the ‘The Perfect Kick’ campaigns for the Total 90 Laser shoe. This one, which was released this Summer in July, features Spanish Liverpool striker Fernando Torres demonstrating the different shooting techniques for regular, curling, volley and half-volley shots. 

In the words of Rasmus Frandsen, Art Director:We chose Fernando Torres because he’s sort of an all-around striker and he’s not known for doing just a pass or just a wrist strike, but he can do practically everything. So in a sense he is the perfect striker (…) We’re exploring it with different camera angles both to show in detail what it looks like on the actual boot on impact, but also to show the whole body movement that goes into a kick.” 

The videos were filmed using digital high-speed shooting (1000 frames per second!!!). For the non-geeks among you, that’s a lot of frames per second: for comparison movies in movie theatres run at 24 frames per second, which is more than enough for the human eye, but not nearly enough when you want to film slow-motion videos of athletes in action. Nike’s T90 Laser shoe modelStefan Weiss, Cinematographer declared:The most difficult part in digital high-speed shooting is the lighting: just because it is digital doesn’t mean that you don’t neeed any light anymore. Scenes like these are very difficult to light, even for six cameras because normally you need one light for each camera, while what we did here was get a fine light for all 6 cameras, which is quite tricky.”

The Spanish striker enjoyed the moment of being selected as a Nike posterboy:I’m happy to be part of this awesome campaign. The footballers wearing Nike are the best in the world, and it’s an honor for me to have been chosen to be one of them. I hope everything goes well and to participate in many more.”

Links for the all 4 videos can be found below, as well as the the ‘Making Of’ which is quite interesting.

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