Nike: “Take It To The Next Level” – Director’s Cut

Hey remember Nike’s “Take It To The Next Level” Commercial? That cool first-person ad featuring Wenger, Gallas, Fabregas, C-Ron, Sneijder and van Nistelrooy (among others)? You know, the one directed by Guy Ritchie, that cool dude behind movies such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch ? (notice I didn’t mention Swept Away… oops, never mind)

Well, turns out that Mr. Ritchie’s just released a “Director’s Cut” version (whatever helps getting his mind off Madonna and her phony British accent, right?), which features one extra minute compared to the official TV version. “More players, more action, more wish-I was-that-guy. Recut, remixed and rewired by Guy Ritchie“, in other words a full 3 minutes of Nike football goodness. Yay!

Ok I’m starting to sound like a marketing whore, so without further ado here’s the video. As usual, the high res version is up at

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  • 5 Responses to “Nike: “Take It To The Next Level” – Director’s Cut”

    1. James says:

      Best Sports Ad of All Time

    2. Stan says:

      SO if he’s Arsenal and the Netherlands, that would make him Robin van Persie?

    3. [...] to mCalcio for the find) Category: World Football Tags: World Football « Vote on the Barcelona [...]

    4. No Stan, that would make him a guy-nobody-knows-who-rises-to-top-international-football-level.

      Someone that could be… YOU. :)

    5. MikeDG says:

      NICE! love this ad, even though its got IbraZingaro and Clownerazzi