MISN Impossible

MISN Impossible is quite simply the most international and successful team in the history of McGill University soccer intramurals. Since joining the Men’s A league in Fall 1997, MISN has won a plethora of Outdoor and Indoor championships and has had players from over 30 different countries on its roster. Players have come and gone, but the MISN spirit remains…

McGill Intramurals - Fall 2006 Men's A Winners. McGill Intramurals - Fall 2006 Men's A Winners. From left to right, top row: Louis Brun, Sébastien Langlois, Tevin Pathareddy, Carlton Davis, Jonathan Bond-Caron, Trevor Lewis, Bardia Moosavi, Alex Tounissidis; bottom row: Renaud Lefort, Danny Castonguay, Marco Pantanella, Zaid Ghouleh, Timothy Gowdy

In May 2005, after winning both the Outdoor Fall 2004 and Indoor Winter 2005 Soccer A-league, the team started a new adventure playing in the West Island Industrial League (in Lachine, Quebec). The game format of this new league involves playing 7 vs. 7 (keeper included) in matches 1-hour long. Regular season is made of 18-20 games, followed by playoffs.

Part of the great MISN spirit (in addition to the international aspect of the team, and the fact that all of its players have become really good friends over the years) is that each game is followed by a somewhat lengthy match report (for those that couldn’t come to the game) provided by yours truly. I have received many praises over the years on the quality of these match reports (some have even suggested I become a journalist, which is sort of what I’m doing now with this blog :P ), to the point that at the end of August 2007 I decided to move their publication here onto this site, for the enjoyment of everyone.

The MISN Impossible match reports are quite long, and have absolutely nothing to do with Serie A, so if you’re not interested, by all means ignore them. However, if you let yourself into reading a few lines, you’ll discover that this team is perhaps worth reading about, and even cheer for! New fans are always welcome! :mrgreen:

You can find more information on MISN Impossible, the McGill Intramurals, and the Lachine West Island league in the following links.