Love Letter to Nemanja Vidic

Editor’s note: This post was guest-written by my friend Temi Akinaina. Temi’s my go-to person for all things EPL & Man Utd, a veritable encyclopaedia of Mancunian knowledge. She is also known to possess a very sharp tongue and can put you down faster than a Cristiano Ronaldo dive (she’ll hate me for writing this) if you piss her off.

Ok, so February 14 was Saturday and this comes a bit late, but here’s her rendition of Valentine’s day… Red Devils-style.

Love Letter to Nemanja Vidic

In keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s day, I decided to write an ode to Nemanja Vidic.

It’s entirely possible that his exploits this year will be recognized with a “Player of the Year” Award (hell, he’s already in L’Équipe’s Team of the Year) but considering that defenders are often overlooked for such plaudits, it may not happen. So though I have no illusions that he’ll ever read or see this, it has to be said.

Regardless, these are the 10 reasons Vidic makes my team tick.

  1. You’re part of a record breaking defence in which the only constants have been you and Edwin and let’s face it; Serie A fans think he’s a liability.
  2. Along the same lines as point 1; you make me feel secure even when John O’Shea is on the pitch. This means a lot to me, really.
  3. Even though you commit GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm) every weekend, you don’t get booked that much, which means you can continue doing what you do.
  4. Vidic-Rio

  5. You’re a beast – in the best possible way. You even have a webbed foot to prove it. Go on with your bad self.
  6. You score goals even though that’s not your job; the cannon celebration is just a bonus to remind opponents that you can bring the pain.
  7. In a team of flashy fancy dans (yes Ronaldo and Nani I’m talking about you) you go about your job in an exemplary unselfish yet committed way.
  8. You and Ferdinand fit seamlessly into the line of classic Ferguson defensive partnerships; Miller + McLeish, Bruce + Pallister, Ferdinand + Vidic
  9. Nemanja Vidic” is an anagram of “Mad Ninja Vice“. Coincidence? I think not.
  10. Foolish opponents believe they can win 50-50 tackles against you, the ball and everyone else knows better.
  11. Nemanja Vidic is not a cyborg centre back. He just seems that way. And we like it like that.


mCalcio readers: are there any players on your teams that deserve a love letter or are they worthy recipients of your man-crush?

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