July Mini-update from Italy

Howdy all. :)

I’m just dropping by to say hi and to verify you’re all behaving yourselves. I’m currently spending 3 weeks in Southern Italy, in a place called Marina di Camerota (not too far from Naples). Sun is great, sea is great, sex is… well… nothing is ever perfect is it?

Seriously though, I’m having a great time down here, back to checking footy news the traditional “old” way, aka with an actual printed paper between my hands (in this case, none other than Italy’s most famous pink publication: La Gazzetta dello Sport). In fact as you may have noticed, the latest batch of articles on mCalcio originated precisely from the printed edition of La Gazzetta.

Yeah I know, even while I’m on vacation I just can’t stay away from writing and providing you with important news… how kind am I huh? Good thing that I brought my laptop along with me, and that the resort I’m currently staying in (called Touring Club Italiano) has some sort of Wi-Fi service available. That allows me to type and translate the articles offline, then log on and upload everything on the website. At €6.00/hour I really have to pace myself with my internet time anyway.

Yeah I know, €6.00/hour is a pretty scandalous rate, fu**ing thieves. Got no choice though. I’m getting them back by stocking up on sweets during lunch hours (buffet is all included) and bringing the food back to my room. Hah! I just gotta watch out though, not to create an ant colony in my bed or something…

Anyways, one more week and I’m back. :) Be good everyone!


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