Hooliganism in Serie A: the State’s Counteroffensive

It may very well be an unique feature, but we might have reached a point in which the State powers are getting the upper hand on organized hooliganism in Italy.

From the heights of Serie A all the way down to Italy’s lower divisions, Italian hooligans have plagued the beautiful game for quite some time these past years. The frequent acts of violence culminated in tragedy in February 2007, when policeman Filippo Raciti tragically died during a scuffle between Calcio Catania supporters and police officers, following the Serie A derby Catania-Palermo.

Without giving an elaborate analysis of the root and cause of the problem (the discussion could take days), it should be sufficient to say that two problems were identified as the main culprits at the time. Violence in Catania led to the tragic death of Filippo Raciti in February 2007The first, was that the specific safety standards required for each football stadium in Italy (as governed by the Pisanu decree of 2005) were being ignored most clubs of Serie A and Serie B. The second was that until recently, supervision of the supporters’ sections during football games was not carried out by stewards (like in the Premiership) but rather by city police, which signficantly contributed in the state of animosity between hardcore supporters and security supervisors.

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