Are We Back? Yes. No. Maybe…

Dear Readers,

“August 30th, 2009″… that is how long ago the last post of mCalcio was published. Did almost three years really just fly by?

Many things have happened since then. For those who have been following mCalcio since its inception (or who joined along the way), you already know that a few months before that last post things weren’t going well for me personally. You may scroll down for a full explanation here, but suffice to say I had reached a certain saturation level. I just couldn’t take the day-to-day blogging routine than my life had become, and thus decided to take a long break. I thought I had subsequently “recovered”, but that was only an illusion. Following that post at the end of August, I decided to pull the plug permanently and move on to other things, all the while maintaining mCalcio online… “just in case”.

Well, three years later, “just in case” has materialized… I’m back. One would hope for a longer, more permanent stint of time (though given how things went the last time around, I prefer not to make any promises). For the moment, let’s just say the joy of blogging in back in me again, as I have been since July 2011 working on a big Juventus-related project some of you may already have heard of:

We have been going strong for over 9 months, and this period of time has re-enamored me with writing, editing, and blogging-related endeavors. Which as prompted me, at long last, to resurrect mCalcio from its ashes.

We are going to take this one step at a time folks. Don’t expect a boatload of posts in the next few weeks, especially since my time is limited (I have to divide it between here, JuventiKnows, and my day-job activites). Also there may be some changes within the scope of the website, what I plan to do with it, what specific domain of soccer I will focus on, though it should remain highly Italian Serie A-concentrated as usual. At any rate I promise I will not “disappear” like last time, at least not without saying goodbye (and let me reassure you that at the moment, nothing could be further from my thoughts).

In any case, you may now find me directly on Twitter, just to make sure that I don’t give up and vanish into thin air again.

So without further ado, let me officially announce: mCalcio is BACK AND OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Sincerely yours,

-Marco Pantanella-

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  • 4 Responses to “Are We Back? Yes. No. Maybe…”

    1. Lavenia says:

      Welcome back. Now this old Azzurri will know what he is talking about. I have been watching Giovinco for 3-4 years. The guy can be a star who replaces Pirlo. Great passer.

    2. They don’t exactly play in the same position. Pirlo is a deep-lying playmaker, usually plays right in front of the defense. Giovinco is an offensive midfielder / trequartista / winger.

    3. Lavenia says:

      See, I need you. I would like to learn the strategy and nuances of soccer, football. I played all US sports including college football and baseball but know nothing of formations, positional responsibilities etc. Any recommendation?

    4. Well, I haven’t read it personally, but always heard great things about “Inverting the Pyramid”… :)