A few words about myself: my name is Marco Pantanella, I’m 26 years old, and have been a soccer enthusiast pretty much since I started kicking the ball around in my garden, back when I was still a little baby. From then on, enthusiasm became a passion, and passion eventually lead to the creation of this blog in July 2007.

During my childhood years, I was fortunate enough to have been exposed to a variety of cultures: born from Italian parents in Germany (1982, the year Italy won the World Cup!!!), I lived in a town called Darmstadt for 8 years before moving to Paris with my folks. I stayed in France until the year 2000, and with my high school diploma in hand decided it was time to move away from the home nest. So I embarked on a plane, crossed the Atlantic, and settled in… Canada! I have been here ever since. :smile:

My dream of becoming a professional soccer player sort of never really took off (it was more like wishful thinking :P ), but I’ve been practicing the beautiful game for as far as can I remember. Over the course of my life, I’ve had the opportunity to play soccer on the fields of Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Canada, and… Martinique.

.I also play on an amateur-level team in Montreal called MISN Impossible, with which I’ve had many satisfying successes. You can read more about it in the MISN Impossible page on this site, or find pictures of our McGill University Intramural adventures on my Flickr account.

As a good patriot, I’ve been a vivid follower of Italian soccer throughout the years, but I’ve also kept a keen interest for most of Europe’s top soccer leagues. This website is the result of my passion for soccer & writing, and an attempt to share this passion with others. I hope you enjoy it!

And always remember… FORZA AZZURRI!! :grin:



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mCalcio mCalcio Owner, Author & Editor
Soccerlens Soccerlens Author & Editor
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Soccerlens, Football News You Can Trust

Soccerlens, Football News You Can Trust

On top of publishing articles on mCalcio, since October 2006 I have appeared as a regular writer on Soccerlens.com (SL) as well, of which I am currently the Chief Editor. I have published over 100 articles so far, which can all be found here.

Before fully joining their writing staff, I have also appeared on the judge panel for SL’s first ever Writing Competition, in which the winning author received a cash prize of $100 and the opportunity of becoming a regular writer on SL.

Alexa, RSS, and Technorati iconsSoccerlens is quite a big shot in the football (soccer) blogging world: with an average Alexa ranking of 40,000 between the months of June & November 2007, a Technorati of 12,171 (authority 378) by November 2007, and over 1,000 daily subscribers by RSS feed, the site created by Ahmed Bilal is rapidly becoming a reference.

Having focused on the English Premiership league for some time now, Soccerlens is now trying to grow and attract more readers by expanding its coverage to the Italian Serie A and the Spanish Liga. Needless to say that my task has been of course, to provide the SL readers with the latest juicy stuff from the Italian league. :mrgreen:

For a site description of Soccerlens, perhaps it’s best I leave the word to Ahmed himself:

Soccerlens is a site written for football-crazy fans by a bunch of very serious football fans (where serious is defined as ‘I’ll break yo head if you diss my club‘ and ‘we live, breathe, sleep football‘ serious). We’re not in the business of providing recycled trash – after all, you have the tabloids and other ‘blogs’ for that.

Our business is passion, and with that comes a responsibility to dispense with the bullshit and present the bare truth to our readers.

If you are half as crazy about football as we are, and if you are willing to balance your love for the club with reason and intelligent analysis, we would love to hear from you.

If you’re interested in writing for Soccerlens, visit this page.