494 Player Salaries of Serie A – Kaká is the king

Kakà is one rich lucky guyItalian sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport published today the salary list of all the athletes involved in the Italian Serie A league. According to Gazzetta, the 2007-08 season saw a big increase of money expenditure for the transfer market: over 666 million Euros (devil’s number… a coincidence?) says the Italian newspaper. However, player salaries are very much on the rise as well, and total to about €368 million.

The title of King Midas goes to the 25-year old Brazilian midfielder Kaká, who earns €6.0m a year. Francesco Totti is a close 2nd (€5.5m), followed 3 Inter players (Patrick Vieira, Adriano, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, all with €5.0m). Cagliari was found to be the “least generous” club. Just think that with Totti’s salary, Cagliari could pay its entire team (€4.97m).

Serie A 2007-08 Salaries - Milan & Inter

Serie A 2007-08 Salaries - Juventus & Roma

Serie A 2007-08 Salaries - Fiorentina & Palermo

Serie A 2007-08 Salaries - Sampdoria & Torino

Serie A 2007-08 Salaries - Genoa & Napoli

Serie A 2007-08 Salaries - Catania & Lazio

Serie A 2007-08 Salaries - Livorno & Udinese

Serie A 2007-08 Salaries - Parma & Reggina

Serie A 2007-08 Salaries - Empoli & Siena

Serie A 2007-08 Salaries - Atalanta & Cagliari

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    2. Nicky says:

      Very interesting stuff. Hard to believe that Stovini (who I really wanted when we were first coming back to Serie A) could be the highest paid player on the 11th largest payroll in all of Italy… Go figure.

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    5. Martha says:

      Hey Marco, thanks again for tracking this down and posting it — I use it all the time.

    6. You’re welcome Martha. :cool: Thank you for continuing to link to it and making the “Views” counter rise. :wink:

    7. Kaka has gone right off since he has gone to Madrid. Definitely overpaid on current form

    8. wikisoccer says:

      Kaka is the best!!!!
      That’s why he is so expensive :D

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