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Azteca Graffiti – The Mythical World Cup Stadium Gets an Artistic Makeover

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Azteca Graffiti - The Mythical World Cup Stadium Gets a Real Artistic Makeover

It is an iconic figure in Mexican culture, and a veritable monument in the history of soccer. It has hosted two World Cup finals (1970 and 1986), been witness to one of the most exciting matches in World Cup history (Italy-Germany semi-final, 4-3, June 19, 1970) and the Hand of God of Maradona. However like many monuments across the world, the fate of the Estadio Azteca is to endure the endless abuse of weather erosion and vandalism, be in the form of broken beer bottles, dogs marking their territory, or spray paint. Lately however, the Mexico City authorities have found a way to provide the mythical soccer stadium with a proper make-over, and give it a second youth.

A contest organized for the best graffiti artists of South America, transformed the outer stadium structure in a veritable outdoor museum, which now exhibits artwork pieces illustrating the greats of soccer history, from Pelé and Maradona, to Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Prize money for the “best creation” ranged from $1,500 for first prize, to $1,000 and 500 for 2nd and 3rd-ranked, as well as many other lesser awards. “I think initiatives like this will help in changing the negative stereotype of the graffiti artist” declared one contender. “This is real street art, and is the form of visual communication that is closest to the people” he concluded.

After a first selection, for which the aspiring artists sent out their artistic resumé, the elected few armed themselves with the 1,200 liters of paint and 9,000 bottles of spray kindly provided by the event sponsor and got to work, in what turned out to be real showdown of paint jets. The end result? See for yourselves…


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