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Real Madrid in talks with Sports Psychologist?

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Kerry Spackman

According to the Spanish newspaper As, the Madrid giants are in close talks with signing top sports psychologist Kerry Spackman, the “man that turned Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton from a beginner to a veteran”.

As‘ actual printed healine was litterally “Mental therapy” (to avoid crossing that very thin line between actual news and sensationalism, right?), and claimed that the Englishman (which the Spanish press now calls ‘brain trainer’) will be in charge of the “mental and psychological strengthening of the roster’s young playersin other wordscut the youngsters off from the pressure, and focus their minds before important matches and the demands they will face during the season.” Spackman’s first ‘victims’ should be Real Madrid’s youngest elite, namely Fernando Gago, Gonzalo Higuaín, and Robinho, as well as recent signings Wesley Sneijder, Pepe, Arjen Robben and Royston Drenthe.

(…) Spackman’s curriculum is not under discussion, but the rumours of his arrival generated a bit of skepticism among the media.

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