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Wayne Rooney’s ‘Perfect Kick’ – Made in Nike

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Surfin’ on the high waves of the ‘Put it where you want it tour’, Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney has made another Nike video. This time, it goes like this: Rooney picks up the camera, draws crosshairs on the lens, places camera onto a ladder, walks away 60 ft, drops ball, starts juggling, then hits camera dead on the volley! Pretty cool, right?

Wayne Rooney in Nike’s ‘The Perfect Kick’

Even cooler: check out the ‘Making Of’ video. As you’d have guessed, the Red Devil striker needed several tries to finally hit the camera (actually he hit on take 3, which is not bad at all), but check out what he did on the first 2 takes.

Oh, and for some real entertainment, see what Rooney does to poor American director guy after he asks him “You know that guy Ronaldinho? Maybe you could try do some of his moves or something“. Priceless.

Below is the Ad video of ‘The Perfect Kick’. Enjoy! :mrgreen: