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Serie A minus-1: we’re almost there!!

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Lega CalcioWell it’s Friday and there’s only 1 day left to wait!! While most of the other European leagues have already begun (with the exception of Spain, also starting this week-end), it’s finally time for the Italian Serie A to kick off its 2007-08 season!

I can’t tell you how excited I am, as I expect this to be one of the most competitive seasons yet! Why? Very simply because it’s the first post-Calciopoli scandal season where all the top teams are present (Juventus coming back after the Serie B purgatory, and AC Milan, Lazio, and Fiorentina not starting with negative points this time). Inter regained their confidence with their last 2 scudetti (after 15+ years of Serie A drought), so this will be their first real season: with all the other big clubs present, they must prove that they still got what it takes to rise above the average!! Inter fans, prepare yourselves for some very tough matches! :)

Serie AThe Serie A will officially kick off at 18:00 CET Saturday with Lazio-Torino, followed by Juventus-Livorno (20:30 CET). Sunday will see the rest of the teams involved (15:00 CET), and Palermo-Roma in the evening (20:30 CET).

Get in front of your TVs people! :mrgreen: