When ‘grabbing your balls’ can feel good but will get you in trouble

Leider Preciado, checking if the package is still there…His name is Leider Preciado, and he plays striker for the Colombian club Independiente Santa Fé of Bogota. For his 100th career goal, Preciado chose a very ‘particular’ way to celebrate, and was promptly suspended by his club. The Colombian president Héctor Báez has declared to the press that the managerial staff has already sent an official letter to the player, informing him that coach Arturo Leyva would not select him for the team’s next league matches.

Here is what happened: last Sunday the ‘El Campin’ stadium of Bogota was hosting the Colombian league match Santa Fé vs. Real Cartagena. The home club took the lead in the 75th through the aforementioned Colombian striker, after which Preciado ran towards the stands and repeatedly grabbed his genitalia, shouting insults at his own fans (all the while being tentatively restrained by his teammates). The reason for this behaviour we would later find out, was that the insults were directed to Henry Cruz, one of the club owners that had severely criticized Preciado for being late to a practice session. The player later publicly said he was sorry for his behaviour: “I humbly apologize to all the supporters of Santa Fé. The truth is that sometimes an athlete will get carried away by enthusiasm, and may sometimes do things to release all the anger trapped in his body”.

Let that be a lesson to all you kids: the only balls you should be grabbing on a soccer field are those inside of the net after you score a goal. :)


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  • 7 Responses to “When ‘grabbing your balls’ can feel good but will get you in trouble”

    1. Martha says:

      While I’m deeply offended (or will at least pretend to be so) that you were so sure I’d be interested in a story about balls, it is pretty hilarious. I had no idea that was how men conveyed deep, profound rage.

    2. Kev82 says:

      LMAO That is so funny! The rage with which he grabs his… ahem… family jewels is hilarious. The video really transmits the ‘emotion’ :P :P :P

    3. I thought you’d find it amusing, see I was right. :)

    4. GM says:

      Ah… reminds me of Paul Gascoigne. Only, he used to that to his opponents not himself.

    5. [...] unhappy that one of the club’s owners was upset with him for being late to practice. Said Preciado afterward: “I humbly apologize to all the supporters of Santa Fé. The truth is that [...]

    6. Andrea says:

      esto es viejo pero Leider es el mejor, nuestro goleador de corazon…. :!: