UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals Draw (2007-08): Roma Get…

UEFA Champions League

The draw for the Quarter-Finals of the UEFA Champions League took place at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland, today at 13:00 CET (a preview of the draw here). Lucky Roma picked, would you believe it… yes, Manchester United again!!

I’ll make a more elaborate analysis later in the day, but for now here are the draw results.


2007/08 UEFA Champions League
to be played April 1/2 and 8/9


AS Roma
Man Utd
Man Utd
Schalke 04


2007/08 UEFA Champions League
to be played April 22/23 and 29/30


Roma/Man Utd


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  • 33 Responses to “UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals Draw (2007-08): Roma Get…”

    1. max power says:

      the draw i’d have preferred:

      man u vs barcelona
      chelsea vs arsenal
      liverpool vs schalke
      roma vs fenerbahce

    2. michael says:

      liverpool is great team but I don’t think they can beat Arsenal. because in this year Arsenal has got the winning formula in uefa. so I expect big things

    3. Ahmed Bilal says:

      gotta love the arsenal v liverpool draw. i’d expect arsenal v chelsea in one semi, and united v barca in the other. the only thing i’m really worried about now is united fans going to roma. hopefully they can stay safe this time.

    4. addisu feleke says:

      hi everyone my comment is i’m happy veryyyyyyy much…..
      by arsenal vs liverpool game. but there are i’m not intersting.byeeeeeeeee

      thank u

    5. Chris from the Roma Offside must be tearing his hair apart…

    6. max power says:

      i feel that there will be 3 english teams in the semi finals.

    7. iqnadirshah says:

      Why why why didnt we get Fenerbahce or Schalke? Why Liverpool?

    8. Gary Andrews says:

      I reckon Arsenal v Barca in the final. Don’t ask me why. Like Sven, I just have a feeling.

    9. giovanni says:

      Incredibile! Unbelievable! Roma-Manchester United again!
      I’m hoping for a good match.
      Roma is showing us one of the best football in Europe and Manchester United is one of the greatest teams as well…maybe it will be a balanced match but i hope Roma will be the winner.(ciao Marco, mi sta piacendo il sito.diabloiko).

    10. SpiralArchitect says:

      At least its in the same country. We have that going for us. No ‘fatigue’ excuse for us this time round.

    11. Anthony says:

      Liverpool is going to cut short Arsenals reign this time 4 sure with the vast experience on Liverpools side. Thanks

    12. colver john says:

      Barcelona will beat Schalke. Chelsea could bottle it against Fenerbache as they have not been that convincing in cup ties and Turkey is a difficult place to travel to, but most likely they’ll do what they need to do at home and get to the semis.
      Roma versus Man U could go either way. Obviously Man U are the favourites but Roma are dangerous and if Man U’s attacking talents fire blanks then Roma could easily sneak an away goal and win the tie. I never underestimate Liverpool in Europe especially as Inter Milan are probably the best team in Italy while AC Milan for all their experience are on the decline. But Wenger has pulled off some great victories in Europe himself (such as the AC match and the year they got to the finals) so I agree he’ll squeeze it.

      Barcelona-Man U will be the tie of the semis so im really hoping it materialises. And a Man U-Arsenal final would be the icing on the cake

    13. peter stevens says:

      i think that if man united beat roma and barca beat schalke then man united will beat barca again like in 1999 when they won the TREBLE.

    14. michael says:

      has anyone heard about the draw being fixed and leaked? Dunnoif there’s anything to it, but still…
      apparently someone posted a draw online saying that it was fixed and he’d heard the drawn would be etc and he was right. Dunnoif it’s just coincidence, but still.

    15. Frankie says:

      Coincidence. See the contributions on the Soccerlens Forum.

      Conspiracy theories usually fall flat when confronted with uncomfortable questions. Here are a few for starters:
      1. Why would EUFA want to fix the draw?
      2. What would EUFA gain from a fixed draw?
      3. Why would EUFA feel that the risks of fixing the draw were worthwhile against the consequences?
      4. What would the individuals in EUFA who were party to a “fixed” draw, gain from it which would compensate them for the risk of criminal proceedings (criminal conspiracy), loss of reputation and livelihood?
      5.Why on earth would it matter if Arsenal drew Liverpool? Surely the best chances of getting rid of the Enlgish clubs (if that is supposed to be the point of the conspiracy) is to get them playing non-EPL teams in the quarters. And by the way, why would they want to get rid of the EPL clubs. Are’nt Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea or Arsenal going to bring in a helluva of a lot more marketing and merchandise and clamour to the Champions League than Fenerbache, Schalke or even Roma?

      Anyone out there who buys into the conspiracy theory and wishes to posit some answers to the above questions, be my guest. Absent sound evidence, this conspiracy theory like so many conspiracy theories should be dropped in the nearest Scouser rubbish bin. That’s certainly where the website this “info” was on deserves to be put. Are the contributors to this Scouser website morons or what? Pitiful, truly pitiful

    16. Arsa says:

      the final will be arsenal vs man u… it will be a battle for the CL as well as for the league.. the team with less injured players and a bit of luck will win everything. I just hope man u wins the champions league

    17. Frankie says:

      I think the final will Chelsea v. United, although i would prefer from a purist’s point of view, an Arsenal v. United final (or if United can’t get there, an Arsenal v. Barcelona final).

    18. USA - Arsenal says:

      wow oh my god can arsenal ever have any fucking luck the draw isnt fixed? wow naa since man u trashed roma and im sure it’ll be a battle for chelsea and barcelona wow we get pretty easily the hottest team in england yes liverpool who torres looks like the 2nd coming of a young raul yea im really excited to play liverpool after we ousted milan shit man god….cut us a fucking break especially since we earn all our goals no tap ins or lucky ass reboun goals i mean how many has tevez got this yr? like 40?

    19. Cesare says:

      Here‘s an article (from La Gazzetta, in Italian) that talks about a cheat in the draw of the Champions League matches:

      A Liverpool supporter published in a Liverpool fanblog all the quarter-final draws one hour before the UEFA official estraction, and English bookmakers immediately stopped stakes. I don’t know what to think about all this…

    20. Yes Cesare, that issue was raised by michael already and commented on by Frankie (quite well actually).

      Me, I think it’s just a big lucky guess, but for those interested Chris over at The Offside has an article up on it as well.

      P.S. ciao Giovanni, glad to see you here! ;)

    21. Liverpool_Fan says:

      The draw is fixed. The four faviourites just happen to avoid each other again. Why dont Liverpool every get it easy :( if we win the champions league this year this is likely to be the teams we face

      Inter Milan
      Barca/Man U

      Well as we say in Liverpool BRING EM ON!

    22. Ahmed Bilal says:

      you got one thing right L_fan, the four favourites avoided each other :)

      They have to be favs for a reason, eh? :)

    23. Liverpool_Fan says:

      Well i prefer having Liverpool as underdogs we seem to play better then. All the pressure in our tie will be on Arsenal

    24. Frankie says:

      Few places in European football match Anfield on a really big European night. As Chelsea found out, playing at Anfield in an EPL game is one thing, going there under the floodlights on a big European night is quite something else. The Liverpool crowd is so influential that (according to a certain Senhor Mourinho) they are even capable of scoring phantom goals.

      If Liverpool are still in the tie come the second leg, it will be a tough call for Arsenal to win at Anfield. Arsenal need Liverpool to be behind in the tie so that Liverpool have to press the game. Arsenal are at their best when hitting sides on the counter-attack.

      Wouldn’t be surprised to see it go to penalties at Anfield. Then Arsene Wenger will be thanking his lucky stars that he has no English players for the penalty shoot-out.

    25. Liverpool_Fan says:

      Yes but then Liverpool would be quiet happy to have a penalty stopper and the 12th man behind them :) and besides Gerrard is our only english player that would take a penalty and he doesnt miss in shoot outs (except for England)

    26. Frankie says:

      Ah, Liverpool_Fan, you’re not going to be separated that easily. This penalty shoot-out is going to going on and on, and even Carragher will end up having to pot one!

    27. Ahmed Bilal says:

      yea – 120 minutes, tire em out, that’s the spirit…

    28. Frankie says:

      Bearing in mind that Arsenal must go to Old Trafford 4 days later, the ideal scenario for United is this.

      ……The first leg ends up 1-1 at the Emirates. Arsenal take the lead at Anfield and are winning as the game goes into injury time, then up pops Gerrard with a last-gasp equaliser. In the last minute of extra time, Arsenal get a penalty. Chance to wrap the game up. Van Persie sends it high into the Kop. Teams can’t be separated. Penalty shoot-out. Liverpool win penalty shoot-out 11:10, Fabregas misses the decisive penalty. Arsenal heart-broken, deflated, on the floor, feel it’s the end of the world. Then, beaten and exhausted they must drag themselves to Old Trafford to offer themselves up as sacrificial lambs to the Lions of the North West, and the soon to be annointed Kings of Europe – Yep, you’ve guessed it: United eat Arsenal for breakfast (or probably lunch bearing in mind the kick-off time)……

      OK guys, I’m enjoying myself. What’s wrong with a little flight of fancy? But then again, life is sometimes stranger than fiction. Arsenal fans will remember 1999. Who could have written the script in 1999 when Arsenal appeared to be on their way to a Double – and in the FA Cup semi-final were gifted a last minute penalty by Phil Neville only for Schmeichel to save from Dennis Bergkamp, another Arsenal icon. Ten-man United then win the game with a late wonder goal from Ryan Giggs, arguably the greatest individual goal scored by any player on English soil, when the context of the game is taken into account. The rest is history.

      Will the Force be Arsenal this time around, or is the Force about to kick them in the Arse (cheesy pun intended) once more?

    29. Liverpool_Fan says:

      My heart wouldn’t be able to take that scenario :(

      I hope we win at the Emirates and then have a cushion at Anfield but thats easier said than done.

      Anyways why did they even bother picking out the other teams for the draw. The should just say this:

      Man U vs Barca

      Chelsea vs Arsenal/Liverpool

      because its not like Man U, Barca or Chelsea arent guarenteed through :) its like an automatic buy to the semis

    30. sandro says:

      me, i expected:
      man. u vs roma
      arsenal vs chelsea
      fener v schalke
      liverpool v barca.

      i guess the draw was rigged. but i think we will have a chelsea v barca final and chelsea will win.

      my sf matches: liverpool v chelsea & roma v barca.

      final: chelsea v barca

    31. Anthony says:

      u re the bomb.A real fan of Liverpool cos we fear no team just bring them alll…………………Victory is 4 us cos You never walk alone.

    32. marco says:

      does anyone know if man utd get through the qf when is the home leg of the semi being played

    33. ARDIT says:

      i hope that liverpool wins GO LIVERPOOL!