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And We’re Back…

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

So, after nearly a week of absence I’m back.

Let me tell ya: the phrase “when it rains it pours” wasn’t made for nothing. On top of the personal matters I had to take care of last week, fate decided to gang up on me. Not even 2 days after I posted my “time-out” message, my PC hard drive gave up on me (kaputt, refused to work) effectively leaving me without computer and internet access for nearly 6 days. In modern times, even one day without going online means incalculable pain and serious contemplation of suicide, especially for PC-junkies like me.

Fortunately, a friend of mine managed to fix the hardware problem and now I’m back. Posting will resume at reduced capacity this week, and should pick up again normally sometime this week-end.

And yes, the more observant of you will have noticed the Death Star has a rather peculiar shape in the SW poster. George Lucas has repeatedly stated he wasn’t going to make episodes 7 through 9, but I got some inside info and let me tell you: he’s up to something. There are rumours in fact that in the new episode, Darth Vader (back from the dead) will have evil plans to destroy the 3006 World Cup and soccer as we know it. Sepp Blatter is a main favorite for the role.