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Roma 3-0 Reggina: After the Rain, the (Roman) Sun Always Shines (Serie A Matchday 3)

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Third time’s the charm for AS Roma. After the (bad) draw vs. Napoli on matchday 1, the (worse) loss vs. Palermo on matchday 2 (and the disaster vs. CFR Cluj in the UEFA Champions League), the Giallorossi can smile again. Three unanswered goals will do that to ya…

On the grass of the Stadio Olimpico of Rome, Reggina could only stand there and assess the damage…

(From Gazzetta dello Sport): The Luciano Spalletti cycle isn’t over just yet. The 3-0 victory over Reggina (the first of the season) puts the Giallorossi back on track, and adds some very necessary gas in a tank which seemed to be running on empty lately. Nevio Orlandi’s Reggina tried to resist but due to their lack of attacking presence up front, succumbed under the goals of Panucci, Aquilani, and Perrotta.

Careful though: it’s still early to say that the crisis is over for Roma (their next UCL match against Bordeaux should help clear any remaining doubts on that regard). What’s sure, is that there’s still a lot of work to be done at Trigoria, especially on the team’s mental approach. In fact speaking of team psyche, that’s really the most alarming problem with Spalletti’s team at the moment: morale seems to be at its lowest, and this despite the progress displayed by Aquilani (killer goal today), Menez (slowly gaining in confidence) and Totti (back from injury, and almost “90-minutes” fit). Today’s win should definitely help in that area because if there’s one thing that Reggina’s match demonstrated, it’s that Roma are still capable of that dangerous short-passing style football they have become known for. If only placed in a downhill situation like today…

One thing’s still working in the Roma machine at least, and you may call him the “oil that prevents the gears from grinding”: one Mr. Christian Panucci. Already a goalscorer in mid-week action against Cluj, the 35 year-old vice-captain (with the armband today, due to Totti’s presence on the subs bench) added another to his ever-growing goaltotal today, just before the half-time break. It was a bit of a lucky one too, receiving a pass from Taddei (meant for Aquilani) just on the edge of the offside line, and applying an easy open-net finish after a defensive Reggina scramble. 1-0 Roma.

Luck factor aside, the goal was exactly what Roma needed to gain some confidence, especially because until then the main chance of the game had been created by the Amaranto (a long-range effort by Vigiani inches wide of the post). Alberto Aquilani litterally grabbed the bull by the horns in the second half, penetrating deep on a forward run and unleashing a unstoppable left-foot drive into the top corner. 2-0 Roma, and Spalletti finally being able to breathe.

Orlandi tried some changes by inserting Franco Brienza for Di Gennaro, but it had little effect on the match’s momentum. Roma were now solidly in control, especially thanks to Vucinic (who had an excellent chance saved by Campagnolo) and Totti (on for the last 15 minutes, and almost setting up Perrotta for the 3-0 goal). Speaking of Perrotta though, Simone would have his chance in the dying minutes, as he collected a Totti free-kick parried away by Campagnolo and sent the ball flying past the Reggina keeper. 3-0 Roma, a scoreline that must feel like holy water for Spalletti…


A.S. Roma
[Match Highlights]
Reggina Calcio
GOALSCORERS: 45’ Panucci al 46′ (R), 51’ Aquilani (R), 93’ Perrotta (R).
ROMA (4-2-3-1): Doni – Cassetti, Loria, Panucci, Riise – Brighi, De Rossi, Taddei, Aquilani (87’ Cicinho), Menez (69’ Perrotta) – Vucinic (77’ Totti). (bench: Artur, Mexes, Montella, Okaka). Coach: Spalletti.
REGGINA (4-4-1-1): Campagnolo – Lanzaro, Valdez, Cirillo, Costa, Vigiani (62’ Ceravolo) – Barreto, Carmona, Barillà (83’ Hallfredsson) – Di Gennaro (46′ Brienza), Corradi. (bench: Puggioni, Alvarez, Santos, Tognozzi). Coach: Orlandi


494 Player Salaries of Serie A – Kaká is the king

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Kakà is one rich lucky guyItalian sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport published today the salary list of all the athletes involved in the Italian Serie A league. According to Gazzetta, the 2007-08 season saw a big increase of money expenditure for the transfer market: over 666 million Euros (devil’s number… a coincidence?) says the Italian newspaper. However, player salaries are very much on the rise as well, and total to about €368 million.

The title of King Midas goes to the 25-year old Brazilian midfielder Kaká, who earns €6.0m a year. Francesco Totti is a close 2nd (€5.5m), followed 3 Inter players (Patrick Vieira, Adriano, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, all with €5.0m). Cagliari was found to be the “least generous” club. Just think that with Totti’s salary, Cagliari could pay its entire team (€4.97m).

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