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Lazio 0-3 Inter: It’s Trampling-Time at Stadio Olimpico (Serie A Matchday 15)

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Row row row your boat,
Gently down the stream,
Inter Milan win again,
That seems to be theme

Don’t applaud all at once. I admit it, I used a rhyming dictionary, but it’s an awfully fitting song for the present circumstances, don’t you think? I mean the guys from Gazzetta put it very eloquently on Saturday: “If anyone knows of antidotes and countermeasures, he should get them out now, or at this rate the Serie A could be over by Christmas.”

There just seems to be no stopping the Nerazzurri armada lately. They play badly, they win. They miss a boaload of chances, they still win (usually in the 90th). And then there’s games like Saturday evening’s.

The 3-0 scoreline by which Inter demolished Lazio at the Olimpico was so commanding it was scary. Class and unmatched physical strength destroyed the Biancocelesti, who mere seconds after kick-off had already found themselves trailing on the scoreline. From that point onwards, the spectators in Rome assisted to some sort of black & blue-painted monologue, where the Diakité’s own goal and Ibrahimovic’s header were only the culmination of a match dominated from start to finish.