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Soccer Field That Defies Gravity

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Some random soccer stuff, since it’s a slow news day.

First, let me ask you a question: did you get your hour of exercise today? If you haven’t, get movin’! Listen to the big green ogre! (courtesy of 

Shrek & Puss ‘n Boots say: did you get some exercise today? :P

Speaking of exercise, if you can get it on the following field, kudos to you (if you think it was done by Photoshop, check out the second picture). The photo was taken in the Olympic Park of Munich, and depicts the artwork of French artist Marie Denis in 2003 (possibly in anticipation of the 2006 World Cup?). 

It’s also the soccer article with the most “diggs” on

 I suppose that after kick-off, it all just goes downhill…

 The ‘hill field’ from another angle

Here’s some quotes from the digg story:

  • This is important, I mean, we have to look at the gravity of the situation.
  • Amazing optical illusion! The field is actually level. It’s actually the lake that’s on a hillside next to the level soccer field. The camera was just pointing downward.
  • I like your angle on the story.
  • This soccer field is obviously millions of years old and the skewed plane is a result of a shift in the tectonic plates over time. Or it could just serve as a type of “soccer field billboard”.
  • The Bushes represent man’s inhumanity toward man.
  • Just another example of how people at the top don’t have to try nearly as hard to reach their goals.
  • Ah, but that’s just a slippery slope argument.
  • Now now guys, you have to see it from the other side. Although he makes a good point, his ideas are a tad slanted.
  • Scoring on that field would be an uphill battle…
  • I’m incline-d to agree with you.
  • I suppose after kick-off it all just goes downhill.


And for dessert, why not a nice little video?