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Are We Back? Yes. No. Maybe…

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Dear Readers,

“August 30th, 2009″… that is how long ago the last post of mCalcio was published. Did almost three years really just fly by?

Many things have happened since then. For those who have been following mCalcio since its inception (or who joined along the way), you already know that a few months before that last post things weren’t going well for me personally. You may scroll down for a full explanation here, but suffice to say I had reached a certain saturation level. I just couldn’t take the day-to-day blogging routine than my life had become, and thus decided to take a long break. I thought I had subsequently “recovered”, but that was only an illusion. Following that post at the end of August, I decided to pull the plug permanently and move on to other things, all the while maintaining mCalcio online… “just in case”.