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New baby-phenomenon craze hits the turf: Jean Carlos Chera, Rhain Davis, Pier Larrauri

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Jean Carlos Chera, 9 years old         Rhain Davis, 9 years old       Pier Larrauri, 13 years old

I guess they do make them younger and younger these days. After the Jean Carlos Chera phenomenon of over a year ago, two new wonderkids have surfaced this week to take a spot in the headlines.

Rhain Davis is an ordinary 9-year old kid from Brisbane, Australia, who goes to school, eats ice cream, and plays with his friends in the park. Well, not all that ordinary apparently since it seems that the young lad’s “ability to shield the ball in a tight space is extraordinary for someone of his age”, as declared by his Brisbane coach Pratchett. Rhain reached headline stardom especially thanks to a short DVD video made by his grandad (over 1 million views on YouTube) which showcases the kid’s talents. Rhain has just recently been picked up by the Manchester United youth team.

On the other side of the Atlantic, another wonderkid made the headlines this week. Pier Larrauri,  13-year old Italo-Peruvian phenomenon (his dad’s from Siena, I had to insert a little plug for Italy here :) ) has just been signed by German giant Bayern Munich. His skill & technique are reminiscent of another now-established ex-kid phenomenon: Lionel Messi.

After seeing both videos of the new kids Davis & Larrauri,  I have to say I’m not particularly impressed. There’s no doubt that the lads have skill, but is it enough for them to deserve so much attention? At any rate, I found Larrauri to be slightly better than Davis, but don’t forget the former is 13 and the latter only 9.

I don’t know, maybe I’m skeptical because Chera set the bar so high a year ago… Anyways, you can decide for yourself:


Pier Larrauri

Rhain Davis

Jean Carlos Chera