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Sometimes, “Duck & Cover” Just Isn’t Enough…

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Duck & Cover, Fallout

When liberty returns, I will return.
Victor Hugo

And so… we return.

Dear mCalcio readers, it has been a rather sad couple of months. As you can see, the latest post before this one is dated 13 April 2009, for it has been more than 60 days that has been absent from the general public. At first, the homepage subsisted, waiting for an igniting spark of inspiration from its creator. Indeed, it was lack of imagination and motivation which first drove me away from sports blogging, the banality of its routine having substituted itself for the original excitement fuelling my desire to write.

Quite simply dear readers, I had become tired of it. It had become “work”, but work which you do because you’re obligated, not because you take pleasure in it. At some point I realized: “wait a minute! I’m not really obligated at all”. And so I decided to take a break.

Then, events outside of my control (akin to a nuclear explosion, hence the post image) further prolonged this break.