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Fun with Franck & Luca: The Toni-Ribéry Show (The Grand Final)

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

France vs. Italy might still be two weeks away (Tuesday June 17, 20:45 CET), but members of the two teams have already began the eager anticipation.

We had Gattuso vs. Malouda back in September (when the two teams met for qualifiers), it’s now time for two other components of the Azzurri and Les Bleus. Presenting to you: the Franck Ribéry vs. Luca Toni show.

These two have become quite inseparable friends since their arrival in Munich last year, so the FC Bayern management had the great idea of putting them together for a TV ad, produced by Allianz (the German insurance company which sponsors the club and after which the Bayern Stadium -Allianz Arena- is named). 

Here’s the result:

Although the clip is pretty much self-explanatory, here’s the translation for those with limited French/Italian knowledge:

The clip starts with Ribéry’s cell phone ringing, playing the French national anthem. At which Toni reacts by taking off his shirt and showing his “Italy Campioni del Mondo” t-shirt.

Ribery: “Hello? Honey?”
Toni: “Honey? What honey? Here, look”. (shows t-shirt)
Ribery: “Man, you suck. All you Italians you suck. Afterwards, we’ll go you and me”
Toni: “Ok, no problem”

Ribery: “Here, can you do THIS, you Spaghetti world champion?” (scoops the ball into basket)
Toni: “Man that’s easy”

Toni: “Here look, let me see you do this” (tries to bounce the ball into the stadium and fails)
Ribery (bursts out laughing, then succeeds where Toni had failed): “Ahhh look at this. Italiano? No. Francais? Yeaaah!”

Toni (attempting to dribble Ribery, then feigns a cramp, then pushes Ribery out of the way): “Come on!”
Ribery: “Hey man, this is not Serie A. Try to play soccer.”
Toni: “Come on, pay attention!”

(more fun on the field, then they go up the stands to shoot in the net. Ribery scores first)

Ribery: “Ah you can’t do that can you? The Italian he can’t, the French he can”
Toni: “Yeah yeah let me show you the Italian now” (goes up more stairs) The French? Ah! La baguette… let me give you the baguette.” (scores into goal)
Ribery: “That was luck”
Toni: “Ok, so let’s go on the roof. Come on! On the roof!”
Ribery: “Okay let’s go”
Stadium steward: “Stop, it’s over! Schluss! Finito!” (kicks them out)


The Official website has a few additional features (on top of the video) including pictures, an interview with Toni & Ribery, plus Cut Scenes & Making Of clips to be coming soon.

[Note: special thanks to Kevin of Serie A Talk for letting me know about the ad first]