Serie A: Tragedy strikes Italian Soccer once again


This morning at around 9.00 local time, a group of Lazio Ultras and Juventus supporters got involved into a fistfight at a motorway service station in Badia al Pino, Arezzo. A passing police car intervened to break up the ensuing melee and a shot was fired, killing one of the Lazio fans. Reconstruction of the events is still being carried out, but from first witnesses there were apparently two shots fired by the police, the first in the air to break up the fight, and the second shot, believed to go off by accident. The supporter group is of a different opinion, claiming that the police deliberately aimed at their car.

The victim has been named as 26-year-old Gabriele Sandri, a famous DJ in the Rome area who was also well known to members of the Lazio squad and staff.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse… :cry:

For a live update on the events, check

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