Serie A Matchday 7 – Rossoneri Fury!! Milan atomizes Lazio!

Serie A

One, two, three, four, fiveFive is the magic number Milan needed to rise from its ashes. Five like the five senses. Five like the number of petals in a rose. Five like Emerson’s shirt number, and before him Billy Costacurta. Five like the number of hours it took Massimo Oddo to prepare his new comb-over. Five like the number of months Alberto Gilardino hadn’t scored for AC Milan. Five like the total of goals the Rossoneri inflicted upon Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico tonight.

Serie A Matchday 7 - Lazio 1-5 Milan

Beat on your drums, blow on your trumpets, the Red & Black devils are back! It took a pretty fu**ing long time, but they’re back, and with a big bang: four days after the Celtic Park catastrophe, and many weeks of criticism before that. It took a while for the Rossoneri to grab the reins of this match…  but once they really did, they grabbed on and did not let go till the end! They even scored first through a goal-of-the-month effort by Massimo Ambrosini, then Lazio came back with Stefano Mauri, but then Kaka the guardian angel arrived to blow all of Milan’s shadows away. And Gilardino in all this? Would you believe it? He’s back too!

He may have not meant it that way, but Ambrosini scored what in Italy we call an ‘Eurogol”The premise of this match had some very simple numbers: Lazio and Milan, equal number of points in the standings, two of the most disappointing teams in this beginning of the Serie A season… I mean we’re talking about lower part of the table here. Injuries were also doing their part to make matters worse: Lazio’s Stephen Makinwa was out at the last minute due to a muscle pull, while Milan captain Paolo Maldini has yet to play a match for his team this season. News were better for Carlo Ancelotti though, because Clarence Seedorf (as well as Kaká and Pirlo) were back on the match-fit list after a few midweek problems.

The first 10 minutes of the match were slow, and carried every symptom of two teams involved in European midweek action: the Champions League efforts of Wednesday were only 4 days away, and both Lazio and Milan kept the foot off the pedal initially. The Biancocelesti attempted a few changes of pace here and there, but found an attentive Milan defensive wall ready to break down their efforts. On the other end Pirlo, Seedorf and Kaká kept quiet for a while, but when they decided to stick their heads out of the hole, it meant trouble for Lazio.

Kaká, someone Milan can always count onThe first peak of the half took place in the 13th minute, when Gilardino was sent clear by an Andrea Pirlo pass and got fouled in the box by Lazio keeper Fernando Muslera. For referee Morganti it meant clear penalty, but not for the linesman: penalty revoked and corner kick for Milan instead. Wouldn’t matter too much, as 3 minutes later the Rossoneri would take the lead in the most spectacular of fashions. Far on the left wing, Ambrosini brought the ball back to the center and attempted a cross to the far post. Wouldn’t you know it though, his cross transformed in an unstoppable chipped shot that the Lazio keeper could only watch sail into the net. 1-0 Milan.

It didn’t take the Biancocelesti very long to bring the score back level though. The finish wasn’t perhaps as spectacular as the Milan goal, but the build-up certainly deserves some praise: Lorenzo De Silvestri obtained the ball on the right, exchanged passes with Rocchi with a perfect 1-2, and then went to the byline. His low cross found the feet of Stefano Mauri, ready for the diagonal tap-in. Dida this time couldn’t be called at fault. 1-1.

‘Festeggiamenti Milan’, it’s end of the tunnel for the RossoneriUp to the first half hour, Stefano Mauri was having a pretty good night: he had just received news he was back on the Azzurri squad, and he had scored the tying goal for his team. In the 31st, Mauri’s night was going to take a radical turn. Attempting to control an AC Milan cross, the Lazio midfielder inadvertently put the ball back into Gilardino’s path, forcing Muslera to come out and take out the legs of the Milan striker. This time the penalty stood, and the Lazio keeper even got a yellow for his intervention. Kaká was ready to take the spot shot, and put Milan back ahead. 2-1. It would only be fair to cite Gilardino for his valiant efforts in the half, as the striker was doing his best to aid his teammates in the offensive build-up.

With Milan up one goal already, the second half was nothing more than a repeat Rossoneri domination of the first. Times 1.5 that is, because Ancelotti’s men would produce another 3 goals, and who better to take care of business than the team’s most prolific stars? Far on the left wing, Clarence Seedorf sent his markers into bewilderment and opened play to Pirlo on the right. The Milan playmaker just had to lift his head up once, to spot Kaká making a run into the box. The pass was controlled beautifully by the Brazilian, who faked a shot with his left, eliminated a defender, then put the ball between Muslera’s legs for the 3-1 tally.

Alberto Gilardino, 2 goals and the end of the crisis?For Milan and Lazio the match at this point was Champions League in reverse: the Biancocelesti nowhere near their good performance vs. Real Madrid, and the Rossoneri having completely forgotten their loss to Celtic, back to their finest championship form. Participating in the Milan renewal was also an unexpected guest (he had to turn up eventually): Alberto Gilardino. The striker capped a great night for his team with two personal goals, the first one exploiting a Kaka through ball with a cool close-range finish, and the second one in great style, using a perfect Ambrosini lay-up for a powerful volley below the bar. If tonight’s game certainly signifies Milan’s troubles are over, it could also mean the same thing for Gila. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Hooray!


S.S. Lazio
 AC Milan
GOALSCORERS: 16′ Ambrosini (M), 23′ Mauri (L), 32′ pen, 52’ Kakà (M), 69′, 79′ Gilardino (M)
LAZIO (4-4-2): Muslera – De Silvestri, Stendardo (56’ Scaloni), Cribari, Zaur – Behrami (69’ Baronio), Mudingayi, Mutarelli, Mauri – Pandev, Rocchi (77’ Tare). (bench: Ballotta, Kolarov, Baronio, Manfredini, Del Nero). Coach: Rossi.
MILAN (4-3-1-2): Dida – Oddo (81’ Simic), Bonera, Nesta, Favalli – Gattuso (82’ Brocchi), Pirlo, Ambrosini – Seedorf (83’ Gourcuff), Kakà – Gilardino. (bench: Kalac, Cafu, Emerson, Inzaghi). Coach: Ancelotti.


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  • 3 Responses to “Serie A Matchday 7 – Rossoneri Fury!! Milan atomizes Lazio!”

    1. Martha says:

      Such a weird game — despite all the goals, it never felt like there was much rhythm to it, so much whacking the ball at one another in the midfield. (Though, again, I could just be insane.)

    2. I might agree with you Martha, but only up Milan’s 3rd goal. After that, the Lazio floodgates were pretty much wide open. I mean how else could Gila score a double tonight? :grin:

    3. mele419 says:

      FINALLY! I looked like a fool jumping around my livingroom chanting, but it was worth it! ROSSONERI FURY! You said it alright! But i agree with Martha, didn’t seem like a very fluent game. Even though they won 5-1, it didn’t seem like they really dominated for some reason…

      Forza Milan !
      Milan Campione !
      Forza Milan il Milan olè..
      Forza Milan !
      Vinci per noi !
      Forza Milan la Sud è con te !
      Forza Milan…!ale..!ale…!