Serie A Matchday 28 – Week-end Review + GOALS of the Week (2007-08)

Week-End Reviews

Here are the results and summaries for matchday 28. Full Video Highlights here.

Italian Calcio Blog week 28 review

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HOOOLY COW was this week rich!!! I had to make a really painstaking effort in the goal selection, because at least half (I’m not kidding) the goals scored this week-end deserve a mention. I’ll put the entire list here, but give links to only the top 5 (you can look for the other ones yourselves). But boy… can Serie A be wonderful sometimes huh?   :mrgreen:

First the no-link list:

  • Di Natale‘s nice control and low finish (Udinese-Lazio)
  • Kaká‘s left-footed instep volley (Roma-Milan)
  • Giuly‘s sliced scissor-kick (Roma-Milan)
  • Mutu‘s slamming finish from outside the box (Fiorentina-Genoa)
  • Padoin‘s dribbled finish after a great backheel set-up (Atalanta-Empoli)
  • Acquafresca‘s blast from 25 yards (Cagliari-Torino)
  • Cozza‘s inswinging free-kick  (Reggina-Siena)

Now for the Top 5:

This week, the goal-of-the-week award goes to Reginaldo. It was really difficult selecting a winner this week, plenty of talent everywhere. However this goal I think was exceptionally difficult to score, on account of the way the Brazilian winger strikes it: off balance & on the run. Yet he manages to put it where the keeper will never reach it. Top top stuff.

Also ironically, this is the only goal I could not find a decent link to. Maybe that will change in the next 24 hours (hoping a Parma supporter gets busy) but until then, scroll to minute 03:27 of the following:


Results Summary


Serie A – day 28
Udinese – Lazio
2 – 2
Roma – Milan
2 - 1
Atalanta – Empoli
4 - 1
Cagliari – Torino
3 - 0
Fiorentina – Genoa
3 - 0
Inter – Palermo
2 - 1
Livorno – Parma
1 – 1
Reggina – Siena
4 - 0
Sampdoria – Catania
3 - 1
Juventus – Napoli
1 - 0

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    1. Martha says:

      Totally agree, Marco , even against such great (and Mutu-involving) competition — my jaw dropped into my lap when I saw that finish.

    2. And so she returns! :) How’s the non-blogging life treating ya Martha? Caught up on all the latest Bobo/Mutu/Solari (I’m not writing the whole list here, not enough space) gossip?