Ronaldinho’s Shooting Hoops – Nike’s ‘Momentum’ Commercial

Ronaldinho‘s back in the advertising world, meeting up with his best friend Nike. This time, he’s playing some Basket-Ball for Nike’s Summer advertising campaign exclusive to Spain, “Momentum“.

Ronaldinho in Nike’s ‘Momentum’

After his ‘hitting-the-crossbar-4-times-in-a-row’ stunt (which many people still believe to be real), this time Ronnie has to score a basket with his feet. Much easier, right? 

However, kudos to Ronnie for acing it on his first try! :cool: Ronaldinho was called to comment on the ad at the Seleçao training ground in Teseropolis, and guaranteed there’s no trick. ”That ad is 100% real, I really scored that basket with my foot“. If you’re still doubtful, proof of the feat is all here.

Below is the original ad, which also features tennisman Rafael Nadal, Memphis Grizzlies center Pau Gasol, as well as Fernando Torres and Sergio Ramos in minor roles.

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