Nike launches “Put it where you want it” campaign

Nike vs. Adidas, the eternal debate… which one is better? In the end, it comes down to taste (I generally tend to prefer Nike, although my first ever soccer shoes were Adidas, and I could stare at Copa Mundials for hours). But if there is one thing that can be said for certain when comparing the two sports juggernauts, is that in terms of TV Soccer ads, Nike is the winner hands down.

Who doesn’t remember “Good vs. Evil” (with Cantona’s eternal “Au revoir” line), or the Brazil airport ad (with its Mas que nada musical score), or The Secret Tournament on the tanker… God the list is long (one of these days, I’ll make a nice post with a complete list and YouTube links).

Anyways, Nike have just launched their latest creation in TV soccer advertising, which will have for theme the marksmaship of the World’s most talented players (or at least, those under contract with Nike).

Hence the ”Put it where you want” tagline.

Nike’s “Put it where you want it” - episode 1: Rooney

The ads will feature the Dirty Sanchez boys (the English version of Jackass) and some of the big Nike stars that the boys will visit in their European tour  e.g. Malouda (France), Gattuso (Italy), Frings (Portugal, yup you’ve read that right… I guess he was on holiday during filming or something), and many more.

The first episode takes place at Rooney manor in England and is quite hysterical. Judge for yourselves…

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