Nike’s ‘Put it where you want it’ tour Ep. 4 – Florent Malouda

After Wayne Rooney’s manor, Torsten Frings’ Portuguese villa, and Gennaro Gattuso’s training ground, Nike have launched the 4th episode of the ‘Put it where you want it‘ tour (Nike’s latest TV soccer advertising campaign). This time the Dirty Sanchez boys travel to France and meet Chelsea and Les Bleus midfielder Florent Malouda.

Nike’s ‘Put it where you want it’ tour ep. 4 - Florent Malouda

Actually, the filming location for this video was a park just outside of Chelsea, but on the site they put Malouda in France surely because they ran out of space on the map (Rooney already solidly occupying England). Anyways, I think the guys at Nike are running short on ideas for this campaign, as this was probably the least inspired of the 4 videos. Seeing the Sanchez boys morons getting hit in the head with powerful shots gets kind of boring after a while, as the novelty has long worn off. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry too much about future Nike soccer commercials, as the advertisement teams always comes up with great ideas.

While we wait for the next campaign (which shouldn’t be too long now, as Euro 2008 is drawing near), here’s the last ‘Put it where you want it’ video.

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