José Mourinho “is on Setanta Sports” – The Return of ‘The Special One’

 José Mourinho: “I’m on Setanta Sports”

For those who, during these times of holiday cheer, are hoping for the quick return of their favorite Portuguese manager (hidden perhaps, in the gift bag of Santa Claus… not much of a stretch from laundry baskets), rejoice! The ‘Special One’ is back!

From Chelsea FC to Sports TV, the ex-Chelsea coach will be hosting a one-man show programme every Saturday evening called…I’m on Setanta Sports.

JOSÉ MOURINHO is back in business — but the Special One has made a surprising career choice.

After turning down the opportunity to coach England, Mourinho decided there was only one role he could possibly accept. Instead of kicking his heels over Christmas the ex-Chelsea boss has signed up with … wait for it, Setanta (the international sports broadcasting TV channel)!

Yes, Mourinho has joined Des Lynam and Co to help promote Sultana’s football coverage.

Contain your enthusiasm (or disappointment) folks, the protagonist of the TV show will be, yes, José Mourinho… but in puppet version!

Much like the Spanish newspaper Marca was doing with Fabio Capello in its “Marcatoons” section, the Mourinho-puppet will have the essential body features of the Portugeezer in action, including his ‘Special’ hair and heavy latin accent.

Speaking of Capello, for Mourinho’s first episode (available on The Sun‘s homepage, or alternatively directly on YouTube), one of the topics of conversation was precisely the ex-Real Madrid manager. The ‘Special One’ asked his viewers to express their opinion on appointment of the Italian (dubbed as “Cabbage-man Capello” for the occasion) at the helm of the Three Lions, by texting “HAPPY” or “NOT HAPPY” to the TV station (obviously to a number with a ‘Special’ £10 (!!) rate). These were the results:

Are you happy with the new England coach?
Happy with cabbage 7%
Not happy with cabbage 40%
No cabbage. Bring back Special One 53%

How surprising. :mrgreen:

The rest of the show is organized like a news TV journal of sorts, starting with the main topics of the day (reviewed and corrected “Portugal-style”). Viewers call the TV station live, in order to ask José his opinion on a variety of football-related matters. Especially interesting were the calls of Frank (Lampard) and Claude (Makelele) from London, telling Mourinho they “miss him” and that the “magic is gone“. :mrgreen: As for Didier (Drogba), he was almost in tears when he begged José to “please come back, please come back“. Brilliant.

At some point, Mourinho even receives the call of Roman Abramovich, asking “Why you defy me? I told you, no more job in England!“. José pretends not to recognize his former employer at first, but as soon as Abramovich mentions buying Setanta in order to fire José again, the Portuguese coach signals his TV directors to cut the line off.

The episode ends on some ‘Special’ holiday wishes:

Merry Christmas from the Special OneIt is the season of Christmas, the season of the Lord. But not only season of the Lord, it also favorite season of José, that is why if you put word “José” into predictive text of your mobile phone now, you will see that this is a very special Christmas. Do it. You see? It’s fantastic!

Be champions!

For some riots of laughter, check out José’s “I’m on Setanta Sports” programme every Saturday at 17:15 UK.

For your viewing pleasure, a preview of the show before it went live, the first 2 episodes, the Christmas ‘Special’, and a ‘Shaddup your face’ audio parody (by José, featuring Roman) are available below.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

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    1. Hahahahahahahaha!

      Very, very, very funny article man; I was crying of laughter since the top-of-page picture! (Nice picture, btw)

      A Mocumentary of this would be extremely funny in maybe 3-odd min. webisodes… Seriously probably in the top 10 articles on SL EVER!

    2. Ohhhh…

      It’s a real thing, shit hahahahaha.. sorry marco

    3. lol Kyle yes it’s all real, and probably 100 times funnier than anything *I* would have done. :)

      But you’ve given me an idea for next April 1st… ;)

    4. Primachenko says:

      hahah, buy setanta so he can fire jose again, hahaha. hilarious.

    5. Taron says:

      I thought this was a joke, but no it is real. I watched all of it on youtube…it’s hilarious. Good article man.

    6. BeckhamUnited says:

      I like his 3D cartoon face.. lol..

    7. it’s a puppet BekchamUnited…

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    9. [...] If you enjoyed the parody, the good news is that Setanta will be producing more episodes. Read the full scoop on the mCalcio blog. [...]