Gattuso-Malouda: friends forever

Gattuso-Malouda: friends foreverBy the way, in case you’re wondering why Gennaro Gattuso and Florent Malouda were so amicable during the Italy-France match, here’s why.

Ahhh, the power of Nike ads… :mrgreen:
.Nike, Just Do It

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  • 6 Responses to “Gattuso-Malouda: friends forever”

    1. Fedele90 says:

      Marco I hope you won’t mind if I steal the video and the photos of Gattuso & Malouda. Ciao and forza Italia, Inter, Foggia, Lucera, me & you

      [Marco spero non te la prendi se ti rubo il video e la foto di gattuso e malouda ciao e forza Italia, Inter, Foggia, Lucera, e me e te bye]

    2. No worries fede. :) If you link my blog in your post though that would be even better ;)

      [Tranqui fede :) Se mi linki nel tuo post però è ancora meglio ;) ]

    3. Serja says:

      Eheh that’s a funny vid Marco, what are they saying?

    4. Well, in the first part Gattuso says “Ciao Malouda! I got a message for you”, then kicks the 3 balls onto row seat numbers, that correspond to the date of the Italy-France match. He then turns to the camera and says “I’ll see you then”.

      In the 2nd part, Malouda says: “Buongiorno signor Gattuso, hi it’s Florent. A little gift for you, so you can prepare your match.” He then puts the gift bottles of Italian wine on the shelf and kicks them down, to end up celebrating with French champagne.

      It’s all part of the “Put it where you want it” Nike ad campaign. :)

    5. Fedele90 says:


      [sarà fatto]