Foreplay: $20. BJ: $50. Reverse DP: $200. Knowing that you’re funding your favorite soccer team: Priceless

Here’s a funny story I found over at TheOffside.

Trentino 1921 logoOne thing you can say about Italian soccer is that it attracts a wide range of investors — everything from saints to sinners. We learn today that the Italian fourth division club Trentino 1921 have reached a unique sponsorship agreement with an Austrian escort agency.

From Sky news:

Trentino 1921 have received 10,000 euros (about £7,000) in the agreement which sees the name of the escort agency, Casa Bianca or White House, posted on the club’s official website.

The agency is based over the Austrian border in Innsbruck and describes itself as the “home of pleasure”, adding that Casa Bianca is a “sensuous place to get everything you want”.

According to the website – which by mid morning yesterday had crashed due to overuse – the girls charge 180 euros (£130) an hour – and all major credit cards are accepted.

Doing some further research into the matter, I discovered this bit on the Casa Bianca website:

Casa BiancaHe is sitting in his car. Very tired from a hard days work. His head hurts and also being in the rushhour is too much for him.

Todays work he was doing in his firm was very hard and also boring. Everyone wants something, everyone asks him something, he is very stressed.

When did he have a continuous sleep without thinking about his problems.
He has no more energy… but suddenly he has a flash of genius.Today is the day to make dreams come true. Casa Bianca. Being in paradise for some hours ……

Doh, it ends there. What happens to him after he is in paradise for some hours? Does he find true love? Does he walk away with more energy and less stress? Does he come home to find his wife pissed that he spent 180 euros an hour to pick up a venereal disease? Does he go back to his team Trentino 1921 with a new ability to score?

This could be an idea for the next Master Card ad…

Foreplay: $20. BJ: $50. Reverse DP: $200. Knowing that you’re funding your favorite soccer team: Priceless.

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  • 2 Responses to “Foreplay: $20. BJ: $50. Reverse DP: $200. Knowing that you’re funding your favorite soccer team: Priceless”

    1. Fedele90 says:

      Ciao Marco ho già letto questa notizia, quindi anche non sapendo leggere bene il tuo post penso di saper di cosa stai parlando, questo è sicuramente un grande sponsor chissà che premi partita danno?
      e se è previsto qualche premio per i tifosi, perchè se è così divento il capo ultras! Ciao

    2. Capo Ultras ottima idea! :mrgreen: