Euro 2008: Final 2-Match Stretch in the Qualifying Round

The circle is getting smaller and smaller: Saturday and Wednesday will be decisive days to know the final components of the Euro 2008 table, the 14 teams which will join hosts Austria and Switzerland in Europe’s highest football competition next year. 10 national teams are within mathematical reach of obtaining their ticket as of Saturday, a day which should see plenty of tense and entertaining matches such as Scotland-Italy, Norway-Turkey, Israel-Russia, and Spain-Sweden.

Saturday 42 European national teams will step onto the grass for their Euro 2008 last (or second-to-last) qualifying round: Germany, Czech Republic, Greece and Romania have already earned their ticket to Austria/Switzerland, while Spain, Holland, Sweden and Croatia are very very close. Norway-Turkey promises to be a great battle in group C, and as we all know the whole of England will have their eyes pointed at Tel Aviv: if Israel lose against Russia, the Three Lions are out.

Here’s a round-up of each qualifying group, with an analysis of the situation with regards to Euro 2008 qualification. The table includes Saturday’s next round, which teams are already qualified/out of contention, as well as which teams may qualify/get eliminated as of Saturday.


The 4 teams still in contention in this group all have home games well within their reach: Finland-Azerbaijan, Poland-Belgium, Serbia-Kazakhstan, Portugal-Armenia. All expectations seem to point towards a final resolution on Wednesday.
Next Round: Finland-Azerbaijan
Already qualified: /
Qualify Saturday? Poland, Portugal
Elimin. Saturday? Finland, Serbia
Already out: Belgium, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan


Lithuania-Ukraine will be completely uninfluential: all the eyes are pointed towards Glasgow, for Scotland-Italy. A victory for the Scots would send them through, while all the Azzurri need is a tie.
Next Round: Scotland-Italy
Already qualified: /
Qualify Saturday? Fra, Ita ,Sco
Elimin. Saturday? Scotland
Already out: Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia, Faroe Islands


Greece-Malta and Moldova-Hungary will be played for honour alone, the decisive match for qualification will be Norway-Turkey. The Scandinavians are defending a 2-point lead on Fatih Terim’s team, and will have the home advantage.
Next Round: Norway-Turkey
Already qualified: Greece
Qualify Saturday? Norway
Elimin. Saturday? Turkey
Already out: Bosnia, Hungary, Moldova, Malta


Wales-Ireland, Germany-Cyprus and Czech Rep-Slovakia should all be considered (in theory) friendly matches: Czechs and Germans are already through to the final tournament, Wales & Ireland are already out.
Next Round: Wales-Ireland
Czech R.-Slovakia
Already qualified: Germany, Czech R.
Qualify Saturday? Norway
Elimin. Saturday? Turkey
Already out: Ireland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Wales, San Marino


In England’s group, Croatia will only be needing 1 point from their away game in Macedonia to celebrate. Meanwhile, for England’s hopes to remain alive Israel must absolutely not lose against Russia on Saturday, or it will be curtains for McLaren & co. (although not mathematically on Saturday). In the last match, Andorra will be going after their first points in the qualifiers against Estonia.
Next Round: Andorra-Estonia
Already qualified: /
Qualify Saturday? Croatia
Elimin. Saturday? /
Already out: Israel, Macedonia, Estonia, Andorra


This group will feature a clash between the top 2 teams of the group: Sweden needs only 1 point, but such a result might also benefit Spain if Northern Ireland doesn’t beat Denmark. Latvia-Lichtenstein the third match of the day.
Next Round: Latvia-Liechtenstein
Already qualified: /
Qualify Saturday? Sweden, Spain
Elimin. Saturday? Denmark, N.Ireland
Already out: Iceland, Latvia, Lichtenstein


Everything is ready for the big Oranje party: the more than likely success of Holland against Luxembourg should make the eventual win of Bulgaria on Romania (already qualified) futile. The other match will feature Albania-Belarus.
Next Round: Bulgaria-Romania
Already qualified: Romania
Qualify Saturday? Netherlands
Elimin. Saturday? Bulgaria
Already out: Albania, Slovenia, Belarus, Luxembourg

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  • 10 Responses to “Euro 2008: Final 2-Match Stretch in the Qualifying Round”

    1. Martha says:

      Thanks for this, Marco, it makes it all very easy to digest. (And there’s that Inter kit ad again, right next to the comment box. This is getting freaking — how does it KNOW IT’S ME?!)

    2. lol Martha it obviously does.

      So it’s not only Mutu and Zlatan, it’s Solari too huh?

    3. iqnadirshah says:

      England messed it up royally. But anyway if they do miss the bus to Euro, there will be only two people getting the blame, Steve Mclaren who tried his best to make a team of underperformers play at least to a certain level, and Arsene Wenger who made a team out of foreign kids.

      Israel’s goalkeeping coach who is Russian, has admitted that they may field an understrength side to gather experience, which sounds really pathetic…………..

      Also, what really amuses me is that nobody thought of this foreign players issue last season, which would have been all the more appropriate considering England gave some really pathetic performances before this season even started. Why? Was it because the Liverpools and Chelseas and Man Us with their ‘English’ players were on top of the charts? Only now, when the Gunners are on top are people bringing on this issue. What hypocrites(that goes for Steven Gerrard too, a player who is a shadow of his former self and who’s team has been bailed out of many a sticky situation this season by their foreign players).

    4. Martha says:

      Ok, Marco, now you’re freaking me out — can you see that I have a Solari interview open in my browser, or something?

    5. c’mon you israiles(never thought ill be saying that)

    6. Ahmed Bilal says:

      I was right!!!!!

      Italy win, Israel win, now we just need England to win and the 2008 summer will be worth looking forward to…

    7. Red Ranter says:

      Fuck! I was gutted. Bloody Russians couldn’t win a stupid game?!

      Now a summer of pain and tedium, where England will be hyped up as the team to beat. Jeez Ahmed! I can’t believe you support them.

    8. NiKOS says:

      μαλακεεες!GO HELLAS!

    9. iqnadirshah says:

      England still need a draw against the Croats……….

    10. Yes iqnadirshah, but at least fate is into their own hands now.