Dida theatrics earn the Milan keeper a 2-match ban

dida_celtic.jpgUEFA’s control and disciplinary body’s decision just came this morning: AC Milan goalkeeper Nelson Dida has been suspended for 2 matches following his late-match theatrics at Celtic Park last week. Dida collapsed dramatically after a fan appeared to strike him near the end of AC Milan’s 2-1 defeat on October 3rd.

Celtic Glasgow on their part, have been fined 60,000 Swiss Francs (€35,760) after being found guilty of a “lack of organisation and improper conduct of supporters” (articles 6 and 11c of UEFA disciplinary regulations).

AC Milan’s lawyer, Leandro Cantamessa, described the sanctions against Dida as ‘disproportionate and illogical’. “The penalty inflicted to Dida is absolutely excessive, so we will most certainly appeal the decision” said Cantamessa. “The verdict is very very disproportionate (…) it’s as though Dida was judged to be the protagonist of that episode, when the protagonist was someone else… this isn’t right from a logical point of view. In addition, AC Milan was cleared of any charges because Dida told our doctor that he felt dizzy, and needed to be substituted. So he must have had something.”

Yep, something along the lines “Let’s try to get a default win out of this match, so hopefully everyone’ll forget avout my crappy performance tonight”. Tough noogies, Nelson.


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