Brazil-USA – Marta scores a wondergoal

Women’s World Cup 2007 in ChinaYou know when it comes to Women’s Soccer, people have many different opinions. “It’s a men’s game”, “girls don’t have what it takes”, “they lack the fighting spirit”, “they’re not bad, but they’ll never be as good as the men”. Or the extreme ”women should stay at home and do the cooking”… I mean I could go on, but it gets worse. I should point out that while I don’t share them, these are just some of the views I’ve heard when the topic came into a conversation.

Marta Vieira da Silva, age 21Nevertheless whatever your opinion may be, there’s only one thing you can do after you watch the rambunctious Brazilian striker Marta do what she did in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2007 Semi-finals against USA: that is, to stand up on your feet and applaud. A long applause.

For the record, the match ended 4-0 for the Sambagirls

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  • 7 Responses to “Brazil-USA – Marta scores a wondergoal”

    1. Martha says:

      I have never been able to stand women’s football because it’s so slow and lacking in flair, but this Brazil team blows me away with their creativity and flat-out skill. They really play like a very good men’s team, albeit without the speed and strength — they spray the ball around, use space well, and take people on with the ball at their feet, it’s truly amazing to watch. It’s a crime they’re not supported by the Brazilian FA, because they’re the best pure footballing team in the history of the women’s game. EASY.

      And Marta is a freaking genius.

    2. What’s this with the Brazilian FA? I don’t know that story… :???:

    3. Martha says:

      They just get no money whatsoever, and no support at home. Basically, they’re called together for tournaments and that’s it — it’s a miracle if they can get a friendly scheduled, and I think an actual national team camp is out of the question. I can’t remember how many games they’ve played since the last World Cup but it’s outrageously small — less than half of what the US and the big European nations play.

      It’s really sad, because as far as I can tell the lack of support is entirely due to a lack of respect for sporting women. Nice, huh? I mean, imagine what they could do with even a modicum of cash and a regular schedule.

    4. Ah I see, I didn’t know that.

      It kinda sucks then… although, if they were to win the Women’s Cup I’m sure the Brazilian federation would have to wake up and give them more support. From the reaction of that Brazilian commentator on the Marta goal, at least some people are getting excited about the matches.

      Thinking about it, part of the lack of support must be also due to the fact Brazil haven’t won the Women’s World Cup yet, since it was created in 1991 (the best they ever did was a 3rd place spot in 1999). I mean look at USA: their victory in 1991 is really what spear-headed Women’s soccer throughout the country, every girl remotely interested in the sport wanted to be like Mia Hamm.

      Since then the US have won again in 1999 and come 3rd two times in 1995 and 2003. I mean that’s 2 gold medals and 2 bronze (and possibly a 3rd this year) out of the 4 times the Cup was organized. That kind of performance regularity is bound to get you some attention from the powers that be…

    5. Martha says:

      My feeling is that the US have been successful at least in part BECAUSE they’ve had so much support and money, though some of the old guard might disagree with that. I think it’s taken the Brazilian so long to show their true quality because it’s such a struggle for them to even get together to practice, let alone play. I certainly hope this success gets them so some support, though winning the Pan Am Games earlier this year doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference.

    6. augusto says:

      I just believe it would take them (the gang who runs the brazilian FA since long ago) too much effort, too much will-to-risk the same sponsors, too much competition to deal with,too many other rope ties let control slip thru their fingers… You, soccer fan, cannot afford demanding that from R Teixeira and CO all that self sacrifice.

      And what for if the meager, penny-less girls will anyway pour every drop of honest sweat and even blood on the pitch to win and still manage to get away with a good result at WWC, Olimpics etc for them??

    7. karen says:

      :mad: the lack of support is entirely due to a lack of respect for sporting women.and thats not right we are suppos to get the same respect that the men do some women are better than me in sports… but its okay men are just jelus :lol: