Big Soccer Bears Running Around in Costume: Huntingdon’s Annual Mascot Race

“And now, for something completely different…”

Mascots of all shapes and sizes descended on Huntingdon Racecourse at the weekend for the town’s annual Mascot Race. Over 50 soccer (pardon me, football) teams were represented by… giant bears, monkeys, foxes, owls and gorillas… you name it!

This is what you can read in the article about the race in The Hunts Post, the town’s local newspaper:

The race, often shrouded in controversy, has been run every year since 1999, when Birmingham City mascot Brummie Bulldog clinched the title.

“Shrouded in controversy”??? How’s that? Do people actually find it worthwhile to cheat in these races? Did Freddie the Fox spike his basket of goodies with nandrolone or something? Weird… Anyways, you can find a video of the race here.

Wacky MackyThis year’s winner was Wacky Macky, from Saffron Walden Town Football Club, narrowly holding off previous winner Chaddy the Owl, from Oldham Athletic FC. Spike the Hedgehog, from Cambridgeshire County Council, came in third.

With names like that, one has to wonder where they find people to run in those things. Have a look at what they did to this poor Sky News journalist, it’s pretty funny.

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