Back from Italy

Phew! I’m finally back from holiday. These can be really exhausting you know?

Picture this: I had to wake up at 11 everyday (sometimes 12!), walk up to the cafeteria to get food (someone had provided for me), walk back down for an afternoon nap. Then later, walk down to the beach and lie in the sun till evening, sometimes have a swim in the Mediterranean sea, sometimes play a little game of beach volley (those are tiring!) or “Calcetto” (the 5 on 5 Italian version of indoor soccer, even more tiring!!). Then in the evening, more food, hang around at the bar and go to bed late. I’m bushed.

Thank God I am back to the big city to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Calcio, as it prepares for yet another glorious Serie A season. Just like myself, the soccer stars have been working their ass off during the month of July, so we’ll have a look shortly on how their pre-season training and friendly matches are going.

Updates should resume more or less normally over the next few days.

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