Azzurri Videos of the Day: De Rossi Juggling, Buffon Goalkeeping, Del Piero & Aquilani One-on-One, and Cassano… Getting a Manicure

Yup, you’ve read that right. Spain vs. Italy is in two days, and everyone prepares differently at “Casa Azzurri”. Maybe Talentino has a “Hand of God” prepared for Sunday and wants the picture to look good…

Daniele De Rossi juggling:


Gigi Buffon Goalkeeping drills:


Alessandro Del Piero vs. Alberto Aquilani:
(ADP clearly wins by the way)


Antonio Cassano cleaning his fingernails, while everyone else is running their ass off on the field.
And yes… once again… he’s in his underwear, can you believe it?

Ok in his defense half the team seemed to be taking a break (he sits next to Pirlo and De Rossi at the end of the vid). That’s still no reason to show us your undies Antonio!! :evil:

Later on, Cassano proceeded to stick his finger into Gennaro Gattuso’s mouth, after which Ringhio somehow blamed Daniele De Rossi for it. :] With these two, I’m sure that fighting boredom is never a lost battle for the Azzurri.

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