Why Should I Read This Blog?

Good question. With the gazillion other soccer resources out there, what makes this one so special?

Serie A

Well for starters, while there may be a great deal of websites and blogs talking about soccer (and I mean a lot, have a look at the Technorati list), there actually aren’t a huge number of them which cover Italian soccer specifically. I mean there are, but 70-80% of them are in Italian, or cover only one team in particular. So this blog provides an excellent resource for all those English-speaking Serie A fans that crave football news. ;)

Wikipedia links

Secondly, one of the great attractions of this site is that I generally provide Wikipedia links for all players and club teams that I mention in my articles. So if I write about a player that you may not know very well (or would like to find more about), this website instantly takes you to the related Wiki page, delivering the knowledge right to your doorstep!

YouTube links

Also, anytime I’m posting match reports, I will try (whenever possible) to find YouTube video links with match highlights, or at the very least goal videos for each match that I write about. So if you don’t want to spend hours parsing through all the available videos of your YouTube search (some of which are often compilations, or matches played years ago) and you want a fast and reliable information resource for your video highlights, this is the website to come to!

World soccer: if it’s worth it, we have it

Also, although this blog focuses principally on Italian soccer, I will sometimes explore other European leagues and bring you interesting stories from there. These are often stories which I find special, or are “out of the ordinary”. If it’s worth writing about, Marco will be your scout. ;)

Discussion zone

Lastly, as any good blogger should do, I will give my personal comments and opinions in each post. If you don’t agree with what I say, discussion is encouraged so go right ahead and don’t be shy to comment. I won’t bite. :twisted:

Prizes (coming soon)

Oh, and as soon as this blog picks up a bit of steam (we’re still in the initial stages), I might start holding monthly giveway contests with various soccer gear as prize, so stay tuned! :mrgreen:

News Sources

I take most of my soccer news from Gazzetta (the most popular and reputable sports newspaper in Italy) and La Repubblica Sport (La Repubblica is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, newspaper in the Italian peninsula). Sometimes I will also dig around Tuttosport and Corriere dello Sport.

Since these sources are mostly in Italian, sometimes I will try to find an equivalent article source in English (in order to link to it in my posts), from sites such as Goal.com, Channel4.com, etc.

And of course, there’s also the blogosphere with some very interesting writers out there, so if there’s a good story featured in the soccer blogs that I read, I will mention it here. :)

So that’s it! I hope you enjoy the site and become a regular reader! If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to my Full Feed RSS.