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45m Free-Kick Goal – Roberto Carlos style

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

José Manuel Rey, age 32‘Roberto Carlos’ who? Take a look at the free-kick magic of Venezuela defender José Manuel Rey, in a World Cup 2010 qualifying match against Ecuador this week. Granted, the shot was slightly deflected which contributed to its strange trajectory, but we are still talking about 45 meters here people!

For those that speak Spanish, here’s Rey’s interview after the match. Rey admitted himself that the goal was a bit lucky, because it’s “so hard to score from that distance”. Above all, he was happy about Venezuela’s win in the qualifiers.

For everyone else, feast your eyes on the goal below.

ONMS Latest: Milan-Roma & Lazio-Livorno are ‘At Risk’

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Giallorossi supporters

The ‘National Observatory of Sport Competitions’ (Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Manifestazioni Sportive), that little body that decides which of the Italian league matches are considered ‘at risk’, has just raised a red flag for Milan-Roma for the following week-end of Serie A. As a result, for the away Roma supporters no bulk purchases of match tickets will be possible, and concession stands will close at 7pm the day preceding the match. As you may recall, Saturday’s Roma-Napoli game has already been restricted from access to all Napoli supporters.

At the same time, provisions have been taken by city officials for the Livorno-Lazio match of Sunday. The Biancocelesti supporters have had a long-time rivarly with the Amaranto (for some obscure political reasons on which I am clueless) and will therefore be under close escort by Livorno police, from the time of their arrival at the Livorno train station, all to way to the Armando Picchi stadium. This to avoid any contact between the Lazio and Livorno supporter groups.

No restrictions have been raised on the other hand, for Napoli-Juventus.

If you’re interested in further reading about State countermeasures against organized hooliganism in Italy, you can read my report on