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MISN – Summer Lachine game 18 (vs. Love-a-Life)

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Ricard, unofficial sponsor of MISN Impossible

MISN? What’s this?

Hello MISN,

No game this week. Our opponents Love-a-Life have withdrawn from the league, giving us an automatic 5-0 victory by default. Yay, but we don’t get to play. :(

Some more bad news: our victory against Cyclone FC last week got revoked because we apparently played with two suspended players. The nag in this whole business though, is that the league coordinator Bryan didn’t inform us we had suspended players. That is, he did send an email with an Excel stats file to our captain Tevin, but Tevin was away for work and didn’t get it on time!! In addition, as a co-captain I was supposed to be on the Bryan’s mailing list as well, but for some reason stopped receiving the stats emails a few weeks ago! My guess is that Bryan had two mailing lists and at some point started using the one which didn’t have my name in, but that’s his fault for not being organized!

The bottom line of the whole story is that we’ve been inflicted a 0-5 default loss to Cyclone, and that our rivals Trakia were crowned Division 1 Summer 2007 champions before even playing their last game. What a bummer. On top of that, we received an additional +1 game suspension for our players (myself and Imad) for playing while suspended, and we’ll both have to miss the Quarter-final round of playoffs.

I’m not happy at all about the way this whole situation developed. Tevin and I will have a talk with Bryan to sort it out. It’s most likely too late to reverse the 0-5 default loss decision (and the associated automatic crowning of Trakia), but at least we can try getting our suspensions revoked. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile for your entertainment, since there was no game, please enjoy once again Can Kadirgan’s backheel video, choreographed, mixed & compiled by yours truly. :mrgreen: