20 Manager salaries of Serie A – Roberto Mancini reigns supreme

Roberto Mancini, age 42, is one rich soccer managerAfter the list of the 494 players of Serie A, Gazzetta dello Sport published today the yearly wages of all 20 managers of the Italian league. Topping the charts are the two Milan coaches, who earn more than double of anyone ranked 3rd and below. Inter manager Roberto Mancini takes the crown with €5.0m per season, closely followed by Milan’s Carlo Ancelotti at €4.5m. Luciano Spalletti of AS Roma is a distant 3rd with “only” €2.0m per year. The total wage of all 20 managers added up comes to € 21.86m.

The €5.0m salary of Roberto Mancini makes him one of the best paid managers across Europe, second only to Chelsea’s José Mourinho (who earns €5.5m). For additional info and comparison with other coaches in Europe, you can read Martha’s post over at Italy.TheOffside.com.

Here’s the full list:

Coach Team € (EUR) £ (GBP)

2 Carlo Ancelotti Milan € 4,500,000 £3,100,000
4 Cesare Prandelli Fiorentina € 1,500,000 £1,000,000
6 Walter Novellino Torino € 1,000,000 £690,000
8 Edy Reja Napoli € 700,000 £480,000
10 Delio Rossi Lazio € 550,000 £370,000
12 Pasquale Marino Udinese € 500,000 £340,000
14 Gigi Cagni Empoli € 450,000 £310,000
16 Domenico Di Carlo Parma € 350,000 £240,000
18 Andrea Mandorlini Siena € 260,000 £180,000
20 Fernando Orsi Livorno € 200,000 £140,000


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  • 3 Responses to “20 Manager salaries of Serie A – Roberto Mancini reigns supreme”

    1. Joe Ginto says:

      I can’t believe some of the disparities here. Gigi Cagni is a fine, fine coach and he makes 250k less than Edy Reja from Napoli? Holy crap. Thanks for digging this up. I just found this blog as it was linked from violaie.typepad.com. Very, very nice blog about Italian calcio. I’m hooked.

    2. It’s not so much about the manager’s skill Joe, but more about how many funds his club can afford. If you compare the player salaries for instance, Napoli totals to €19.8 while Empoli is way down with €12.0m. Not the same ballpark, so it’s not surprising their coach gets paid less than Napoli’s.

      Glad to have you on board! :wink: